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想要去澳洲读本科或者是读研究生的学生,在申请澳洲大学的时候需要递交留学文书,其中个人陈述是非常重要的文书,下面小编就分享一些澳洲留学个人陈述范文,来看看吧!一、澳洲留学个人陈述范文Pick up any newspaper today and you can find many headlines related to stories about econ



Pick up any newspaper today and you can find many headlines related to stories about economic problems and trends. I am always deeply absorbed in the economic news, especially in the analysis and description of the capital markets.

I was born in XX City,a large city with lots of heavy industry companies. My father is an engineer in a shipbuilding institute and my mother is a technician in an electronic apparatus factory. Since I was very young,they began to teach me plenty of knowledge of natural science and hoped me to become an engineer like them one day. But they changed their mind when they find me interested in the field of economics,an absolutely different area they were not familiar with. They agreed to send me to XXX Finance and Economic University which has been ranked in the top ten in my country by commerce economics.

In the year of 2000. I entered the faculty of Investing Economy of that university and started my four-year strict education. In the first two years,I laid more emphasis on the basic theories, such as models in economics and investing. Later in my 3rd and 4th semesters,I found that lacking of practice became a bottle neck of further studying. Fortunately,my graduated thesis tutor, Professor XXX and Teacher XXX provided me some good opportunities to practice in the Company of Nahu Real Estate and Sanxia Securities Company, in which I lived a substantial and pleasing time. Besides my major, computer science is my anther interest. In the last year of my university, I was certified with MCSE(Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and got a part time teaching job in Richinfo Teaching Center,which largely increased my communication abilities. When I finished my graduated thesis,I got the Bachelor s Degree of Economics successfully in July 2000.

On the day of 28 September 2004. I began my career in the accounting and funding department of Beijing XXX Company and was assigned the duty of investing. My company usually got irregular cash flows so lots of money was left unused. At first I followed my workmate,Mr. XX,a senior staff in my department and put only a little fund in the securities market. The initial success was a great encouragement to me and I began to invest more. 2002 was a golden year for me though the whole market was not good. In that year I admit 90.000 shares of the stock--Sea Oil Project and 50.000 shares of stock-Da Sha in thier Initial Public Offering and sell them in the same year. That brought us 1.100.000¥ profits before taxation and my work results was highly confirmed by the general manager and other colleagues. The luck continued to the first half year of 2003 until the stagnancy of the whole stock market in July. Now I am directly led by the general manager and do some management and marketing work as well.

The four years of working matured me rapidly not only in technique skills but also in abilities of communication and cooperation with colleagues and other person. With the opening policy of China s Capital Market, I realize internationalization is a trend I must make good preparations for. So I determined to go abroad to go on further learning about financial knowledge and improved my English skills and the course of master of finance will be my best choice.

Socialising is very important to me, and I am always keen to meet new people. I enjoy trying new culture and new foods. My good culinary skills will prove very useful to the daily life of my future foreign studying. I enjoy traveling and learning about modern history. Music is one of my biggest hobbies, and I use music to help me unwind and reflect on things. I use the internet to keep up with current affairs and sports news.

I have always been a keen sportsman, representing my school of basketball competition many times and now I often play it in the evening. I also enjoy playing tennis and table tennis, as well as football.

I believe that I have made sufficient preparations for a new university life. My skills together with my ambition to succeed prove me to be good candidate for your master degree..

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