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1. Your university is planning to replace paper books and magazines in its library with electronic books. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this plan?
Sample answer: I agree that the university can sell all the paper books and magazines, and turn into the electronic books. First, the electronic books make information searching much easier. Because if you want to find some information in the electronic readings, you can just type the key words into it, and it only takes one second to find the thing you need. But you must read the book word by word if you use the printed books. What''s more, the electronic book is free. The university doesn''t have to pay the money to buy paper books or magazines. It will save a lot of money that university can use it in other part, such as education system and teaching equipment.

2. Should the government spend money on projects which can encourage its citizens to lead a healthier lifestyle?
Sample answer: I agree that government should spend money on encouraging citizens to lead a healthy lifestyle. First, it is essential for citizens to have a healthy lifestyle, especially for the old ones. Now, there are more and more old people in the society. So it is a problem for the government to care for the old-age population. But if they keep a healthy lifestyle, the government will save a lot efforts and a large number of money. What''s more, if the citizens have a healthy lifestyle, all the works will be done more efficiently. It shows that 34% people who have a lower efficiency is because of their bad health. So I agree with it.

3. 学校因为文学课太popular了,所以决定开晚课和增加一个班级。男生不同意,他说班上人一多,discussion的机会就少了,学生就学不到很多东西;还有就是晚课时间学生都没有空,他们有很多activity和job都在晚上,所以晚课不现实。
Sample answer: In the reading passage, it says that the course of modern literature is becoming more and more popular, so some universities take two methods to let more students enroll in the courses. One is to change the small classroom into big one. The other is to add courses in the night to make sure more students to come. However, in the conversation, the boy doesn''t agree with it.
First, he thinks that the small classroom is more convenient for group discussion. But the big classroom isn''t very easy to do it because of the long distance. What''s more, he says that many students are busy at night. They may have other activities or jobs to do, so that they don''t have time to take the classes at night.

4. 讲得是一个五岁的*画画用完颜料和canvas不愿意收拾,主要是因为那个格子太小,他放不回去,所以就放弃了。老师就用个C什么的东西代替原来那个格子,*就会自己收拾了。

5. 女生的爸爸妈妈要来学校,所以要和她住在一起(她租了个公寓),但是她的问题是公寓太乱了,没有时间收拾。一个solution是放弃chemistry的group talking,回家收拾房间,第二个是参加完赶回去收拾房间。
Sample answer: In the conversation, the woman encounters a problem. She is excited that her parents will come and visit in the weekend, but she wants to clean up before their arrival. But the time arrangement is conflict, because she has a chemistry meeting that night. There are two possible solutions for her.
First is that she can quit the meeting to clean up the apartment. But if she misses the meeting, it would be difficult for her to catch up. The other solution is that she can rush home to clean the apartment after the meeting. Then she can''t finish cleaning. In my opinion, I will choose the second solution. The knowledge is more important. Her parents will understand if she goes to the chemistry meeting and doesn''t clean up.

6. 讲猴子在树上,但是水只能在地底下得到,那么猴子是怎么得到水然后支撑生活的呢?个是absorb moisture from food, 讲了一种hobe猴子,它们吃的嫩叶子里面包含了水分,所以它们不用喝水也没有问题。第二个是喝雨水,一种spider猴子,它们用cup like plant来link在树上,当有水的时候就用那个cup like plant来接水喝。
Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor mainly talked about how monkey drinks, because they are living on the trees for years. According to him, there are two ways, and he uses two examples to explain it.
The first one is that monkeys absorb the water from plants. For example, there is a kind of monkey. It just needs to eat the tender leaves to increase the water in its body system. It is unnecessary for this kind of money to drink the water.
The other one is that monkeys drink the water from the pond which is filled with rain drops. For example, there is a kind of monkey called spider monkey. It will find the cup-shaped plant as container to drink.

1. What suggestions will you give to a foreign friend who is coming to your country to study?
Sample answer: If one of my foreign friends is coming to study in China, I would suggest him or her to learn some Chinese first and to get some information about all the beautiful places in China. First, it''s essential to be able to understand and speak Chinese well. It''ll be needed both in class and in daily life. Since nearly all the lessons will be given in Chinese and lots of daily activities include talking to people who can only speak Chinese. Second, China is a country full of beautiful places such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the mysterious Shangri-La. It will be such a waste not to visit some of them during their time of study. So these would be my suggestions to my foreign friends.

2. Do you prefer to be friends with people who share the same opinion as you do or people who hold different opinions?
Sample answer: When it comes to the criteria of making friends, I am prone to forge friendship with similar minds. As proved proverbially, like “Great minds think alike; birds of the same feather flock together; and soul mate”, amicable camaraderie cemented by similar interests outweighs a conflicted relationship which may as well border on saber-thrusting. There are a number of reasons in favor of the superiority of like-minded friendship, not the least of which is psychological safety and success rate. When exchanging inner thoughts with bosom friend in a convivial atmosphere, one can feel a certain security, the fortress of which is erected and reinforced by the understanding and encouragement by the similar minds. One cannot appreciate top much a positive feedback, a case especially true in the most desperate scenario. On top of the psychological safety, like-minded relationship is more than absolutely the base of success of one''s business. Only in a shared picture can one s course be open to the probability of success.

3. 给学校的一封信,希望在每个fall semester都有3天的fall break before midterm。对话中两个人都很喜欢这个提议,因为freshmen需要更多的时间来跟上大学的pace并且适应他们的新schedule。

4. 【名词解释】the concept of search image, 动物发警报的声音会根据predator的不同而不同,同时引起的同胞逃跑反应也不同。听力里讲到meerkat, 平时生活在地下,但还是得上到地面去觅食。通常会有一个在那把风,当它看到big bird的时候,会发出很响的噪音,这样别的同类就会躲到地下去直到鸟飞走;但当它看到蛇的时候,就会发出另外一种不同的声音,这时所有meerkat会聚集到一起来吓退蛇。

5. 有个女生和她朋友租房子,本来决定了一个apartment, 很便宜也很大,今天得去签合同定下来。但是她看到一个离学校更近,更大并且更贵的。然后她室友又去hiking了,一周都联系不到,她也不知道她室友的经济情况,所以她没法决定。

6. 广告的两种方法:一种是in general正面宣传整个公司,让客户对这个公司有信心,例如:卖家具的slogan是last long, 而不是什么具体的桌椅;二是宣传特定产品的功能,例如printer, 公司宣传printer轻小易携带with computer, slogan是"printi



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