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  Question: It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than young people in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?


  1st argument:

  The insidious, possibly irreversible, trend of population aging-a phenomenon that is pervading the entire world, particularly the OECD nations-will add tremendous financial burden to the government to a point where it will threaten to strain, if not deplete, the limited governmental reserves. A closer examination suggests that the real picture may appear graver. Without any reliable source of income, the retired senior citizens survive largely on pension that is transferred to their bank accounts on a monthly basis. Worse yet, pensioners are prone to severe illnesses that could only be treated with exorbitant surgeries and costly drugs. In countries where the elderly enjoy a better social welfare and free medical care, the state expenditure on pension and medical fees might amount to a staggering proportion of a nation’s annual GDP.

  2nd argument:

  Furthermore, the skewed demographic distribution against the young adults in the population implicates acute labor shortage in many industries, particularly labor-intensive ones. Physical senility disqualifies 60-year-olds from those laborious, physically demanding professions, which also serves the employers well since the young adults could be far more productive and thus help companies to reap more profits. Unfortunately, inadequacy in supply of competent laborers might force factories to scale down, if not shut down entirely, their production out of cost-effective considerations.

  3rd argument:

  The rising dominance of the graying population promises a vast market of a diverse range of products that are specifically targeted at the elderly people. In China, the last decade witnessed an increase in the severity of population aging as well as a booming market for such products as wheelchairs, hearing aids, and more importantly, healthcare products. It has become a new, predominant tradition that the young adults will buy in bulk an array of healthcare products for the elderly people in their family in times of festivals. As this problem continues to be more severe for years to come, it is expected that the market will grow at an exponential rate.






  1.insidious 慢慢的,不好的

  2.pervade 遍布

  3.add tremendous burden 增加了巨大的负担

  4.threaten 威胁

  5.deplete 耗尽,消耗掉

  6.governmental reserves 政府储备

  7.a closer examination 仔细的研究

  8.grave 严重的

  9.senior citizens 老年人

  10.survive 生存,生活

  11.on a monthly basis 每个月

  12.worse yet 更糟糕的是

  13.be prone to 容易受到不好的影响

  14.exorbitant 昂贵的

  15.social welfare 社会福利

  16.state expenditure 国家支出

  17.a staggering proportion of 很大比例的

  18.skewed demographic distribution 不一致的人口分布

  19.acute labor shortage 严重的劳动力短缺

  20.labor-intensive 劳动密集的

  21.physical senility 身体虚弱

  22.physically demanding 对身体要求很高的

  23.serve somebody well 对某人很好,很有帮助

  24.productive 生产力高的

  25.reap profits 得到大量的利润

  26.competent laborer 有能力的工人

  27.scale down 缩减规模

  28.shut down 关闭

  29.cost-effective considerations 出于经济考虑

  30.rising dominance 越来越占据主导地位

  31.a diverse range of 各种各样的

  32.target *,针对




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