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Task 1 考题预测

1Map 图)

The diagram shows a museum and its surroundings in 1990 and 2010.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.




Sample answer:

The two maps compare the differences of the museum and its surroundings in two separate years: 1990 and 2010.


In 1990, a large garden with many trees was seen in the northern part. Vertically, there was a path bisecting the map with a cottage lying to the western part beside the exit. A small shop and an irregular exhibition hall were located to the north of the cottage. Further up to the north, there was nothing but a small store. On the other side of the path, a small garden with few trees was next to the exit, together with a car park to its north, which was roughly twice the size of the garden.


Turning to the year 2010, great changes had taken place, except for the path. There were more trees in the garden. Besides, the original cottage was totally rebuilt into a coffee bar while the size of the exhibition was greatly reduced to make room for a larger shop which was almost three times as big as before. As for the eastern part of the path, the previous car park was extended to the place where it used to be the small garden.


To sum up, the inside and outside of the museum greatly changed within the 20 years.

2Flow chart流程图)

The chart below shows the process of making soft cheese.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant. image.png


Sample answer:

The flow chart illustrates the process of manufacturing soft cheese.


The entire process consists of five stages. In the first step, milk, the primary raw ingredient required for cheese production, is mixed evenly with a proportionate amount of water. The mixture then undergoes the cooling process, which is held at the constant temperature of 5°C for two hours. As soon as the cooling phase is complete, salt is added to the cooled, diluted milk, before the mixture is left to ferment for two hours at the temperature of 35°C.


To rid the mixture of the excessive amount of water content present, evaporation kicks in where the intermediate product is then heated to 100°C for eight hours long, during which period water escapes in the form of steam. Afterwards, the dried resulting product is then subject to an eight-hour cooling process that takes place at 5°C. Finally, the filter is used to separate waste water – evidently by-product in the production process – from soft cheese.


To sum up, it’s important to note that there are varying requirements of the temperature and duration in each of stages involved in the manufacturing of soft cheese.

Task 2 考题预测


Too much money is spent in maintaining and repairing old buildings. People think that old buildings should be knocked down and give way to the new buildings.


Sample answer:

Although some people claim that such old buildings should be knocked down in that their maintenance costs too much and stands in the way of constructing new buildings, I still believe that most of them need to be protected rather than be demolished.


First of all, some old buildings are culturally valuable to their community. This is because traditional buildings, as part of the architectural heritage, form the cultural identity and keep a unique record of the country, so they possess significant value to research into the past and play an important function in the education of future generations. For example, the churches in western countries and the temples in Asian countries tend to stand for Christianity and Buddhism. By protecting them deliberately, not only local residents but also foreign tourists can have access to its splendid history and culture.


Apart from the historic value, booming tourism industry resulting from such old buildings must is a boon to boosting economic development. A good case in point is Colosseum, where many classical buildings could be seen. Millions of travelers throughout the world are flocking to this historic site not only for the breathtaking beauty but also for the centuries-old history. It’s free to walk around the forum, but a ticket is required if you want to have a closer look at the interior. However, if Italian government attached little importance to the maintenance of this old architecture, it is unlikely for Italians to attract tourists around the world for hundreds of years.


In conclusion, with sufficient budget, it is reliable and valid to prevent such old buildings from disappearing. And if we do not want to regret in the future, just to remember that there is no chance for us to renovate or save a historic site which has gone already.


Online shopping is replacing shopping in stores.

Is it a positive or negative development?


Sample answer:

Online shopping has growing popularity among people nowadays, and an increasing number of people choose to do their daily shopping on line instead of going to actual stores. As far as I am concerned, this is a positive trend.


To begin with, no one can deny the convenience brought by this phenomenon not only to customers but also to businessmen. Without leaving their homes, ordinary people can just sit in their comfortable chairs and make a few clicks on the keyboard to buy whatever they need. If they had no other choices than going from store to store, they would have to encounter numerous troubles even just after they left their homes, such as traffic congestion, problems in finding the right place. As to sales persons, they do not have to provide extra services to woo their customers, except some friendly emojis. In addition, this kind of shopping style actually increases people’s choices and widens the area that local business people can manage, because distance is no longer the barrier between consumers and dealers. In this case, people can have a wider range of choices to buy or to sell whatever from or to whomever as long as they can afford a comparatively small amount of delivery fee.


Admittedly, the fact that shopping on the Internet is substituting shopping in stores will be quite a challenge for businessmen who are running those stores in the street. However, this trend is, as a matter of fact, inevitable. What those businessmen should consider is changing their mode of making profits instead of complaining about the loss that the web economy has brought to them. On condition that they change their ways of thinking, “the web” can indeed help them make more money.


It is true that more and more people are choosing to shop on line, and this trend has more advantages than disadvantages.


A rise in the standard of living in a country only seems to benefit cities rather than rural areas.

What problems might be caused and how to solve these problems?


Sample answer:

In this day and age, the fast development of the economy and the increasing care from the government lead to the rising standard of living in a country. However, it seems that cities rather than rural areas have reaped more benefits from this phenomenon. In the following parts of this essay, the problems brought by this and the possible solutions will be discussed.


Attracted by the huge benefits the cities enjoy, a large population in rural areas may migrate to cities to improve their quality of life. As a result, the cities will be packed with too many people, putting so much strain on the government’s budget that educational resources, transportation and health care can hardly be guaranteed. A further dire consequence is that relatively less educated citizens will cluster in some neighborhoods, bringing about potential security issues and even social instability. Besides, this urban sprawl means that few people focus on agriculture and more people become labor force of all walks in cities, exerting a deterrent influence on the economic development in rural areas and giving rise to more imbalance between cities and rural areas.


To tackle these problems, the government can invest more in rural areas, building more schools, hospitals, office sites and recreational facilities as to satisfy the needs of local people and creating more job opportunities for them. Moreover, subsidies can be offered to those who stay in rural areas and make contributions to agriculture. In so doing, those who are eager to move outside will think twice before making the final decision.


In conclusion, in the light of more benefits gained by cities from the rising living condition, the gap between urban and rural areas has been enlarged and other severe problems may arise. In an attempt to address these issues, the development in rural areas and the compensation for local people should be held in high regard.

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