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Part 1

1. Do you have many public holidays in China?

Sample Answer:

I would say no. Chinese people have less holidays than people in many other countries do. In China, if you have a full-time job, you’ll only have about 10 days off each year besides weekends. That’s not enough for many people. Compared with people in other countries, we Chinese work the longest time and take the shortest vacation. The French can rest for over a month each summer. And in Japan, employees can have a three-week paid holiday per year, which is twice as long as the Chinese holiday. So I’d say we don’t have many public holidays in China.


2. Which public holiday do you prefer?

Sample Answer:

I prefer Spring Festival, which is also known as the Chinese New Year as it celebrates the beginning of a new year in Chinese lunar calendar. I love Spring Festival cos it is the longest holiday in China. It starts on the Chinese New Year’s Eve and lasts for 7 days. Other holidays in China don’t last for such a long time. I can do a lot things during this long holiday. And mum would always prepare a lot of delicious food during the Spring Festival. We would have several family reunions and I can meet a lot of relatives and friends and chat with them. That why I like Spring Festival the most.


3. Do you like music?

Sample Answer:

Yes, music is something that I can’t live without. The reason why I like it so much is that music helps me release my pressure. You know, when I’m listening to rock music, I gradually let the stress go away with the fast rhythm, especially when I’m enjoying the music of Coldplay, which is my favorite British rock band. Their music is so fantastic that I listen to it whenever I have free time.


4. What kind of music do Chinese people like to listen to?

Sample Answer:

Well, it depends. You know, tastes differ. In China, some old people enjoy classical music, because they can get inner peace from it. For example, my grandfather is fond of listening to Mozart every day, and he has tons of classical music CDs. But some young people may be crazy about rock music. The reason is that they believe it helps them to release pressure. Take my brother as an example. He is among those who are great fans of some famous rock singers, such as Bon Jovi.


5. What subjects are you studying?

Sample Answer:

Since I major in English, I am studying various kinds of subjects related to English such as English grammar, linguistics, English literature and so on. All of these subjects are so interesting that I can learn a lot about English.

6. Are you looking forward to working?

Sample Answer:

Yes, I am looking forward to working after graduation. Since I have acquired much professional knowledge, I want to put it into practice in order to solve problems in the workplace which can provide me with a sense of achievement.


7. Do you like your hometown?

Sample Answer:

Yes, I like my hometown very much. It is a great place to live and work because there are a lot of well-known companies located in Shanghai, which provide a large number of opportunities for job seekers. Besides, powerful public transportation makes commuters convenient to work and study.


8. What’s your favorite hairstyle?

Sample answer:

My favorite hairstyle is dreadlocks. It’s a hairstyle common on rappers, which may be thought to represent a rebellious state. But I think it’s just a matter of individual expression. Two of my colleagues have tried the dreadlocks. Both of them got artificially dreadlocks temporarily when travelling abroad. It’s a pity I didn’t try this hairstyle myself. It’s already on the top of my lit, and I’ve determined to try dreadlocks when I go to Thailand this November.


9. What will you prepare if someone visits you, tea or coffee?

Sample Answer

I think tea would be more appropriate. Even though my guest are mostly people of my age who’d like to have a cup of coffee every now and then, some of them still think that coffee is too strong or bitter to them. So it’s better to serve the guests with tea.


10. Have you ever been to an island?

Sample Answer

Yeah, I have been to an island once. It’s an activity organized by my company. We went on an autumn trip, a one-day excursion which includes exploring an island. We landed on an island and spent about an hour strolling and taking photos. The island is not big, so it only takes about half an hour to travel the whole island. It’s uninhabited, with fantastic natural scenery.

Part 2

1. Describe a gift that took you a lot of time to prepare

You should say:

What it was

Who you gave it to

How you prepared it

And explain why you spent a lot of time preparing it


Sample answer:

I would like to talk about the chocolate cake I made for my mother’s birthday. At that time, my mother’s birthday was coming, so I wanted to prepare a present for her. I first came up with the idea of making a chocolate for my mother when I bought a cake in a bakery store near my home. There was a bakery course to teach people how to make a cake, so I decided to make a cake for my mother. Since it was my first to make a birthday cake, it really took me a lot time preparing for it. At the beginning, I read many books about how to make a cake. After I had a brief idea of methods, I tried to make the cake step by step with the teacher’s instructions. I followed every step of baking carefully from toasting, adding whipping cream to the final step called decorating. I tried my best to make every step perfect and luckily I did it at last. It took me about six hours to make this chocolate cake because I had no related experience before. However, I was willing to spend such long time to make a cake for my mother as a big surprise. After my mother tasted the chocolate cake made by myself in the birthday party, she praised for its great taste. Hearing such words said by my mother, I felt very satisfied. At that time, I felt all the time I spent on making the chocolate cake was deserved.



2. Describe a movie you would like to share with your friends

You should say:

When you watched it

Where you watched it

Whether you like it or not

And why you want to share it with friends


Sample answer:

The name of my favourite movie that I would like to share is 'Casablanca', which was directed by Michael Curtiz. It was released in 1943 and the story was adapted from a stage-play named 'Everybody comes to Ricks'. The cast included Humphery Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and was made in the USA. It was a romantic drama film and the storyline was set during World War II.


It focuses on a man torn between love and virtue. In 1941 American expatriate Rick who professed to be neutral by all means met his former lover Ilsa in his nightclub and gambling den. She was accompanied by her husband, Laszlo, a renowned fugitive Czech Resistance Leader. They needed a letter to escape to America, where he can continue his work against the Nazis. One night Ilsa confronted Rich in the deserted cafe and asked for the letter. She threatened him with a gun for the letter and later on confessed that she still loved him. Rick's bitterness dissolved as he learnt that Ilsa was married to Laszlo before even their relationship began. When Rick and Ilsa planned to fly together, she could not do so because all of a sudden she found that her husband was still alive and needed her badly to recover. Hearing the story Rick calmed down and agreed to give the letter to Laszlo so that he could fly to America safely. They would take a different path to fly away together. But finally, Rick let Ilsa and Laszlo fly to America which surprised IIsa very much.


The first reason for sharing the film is that it is the second-best movie of all time based on AFI's 100 best movies of all time. Besides, I've seen the movie more than 3 times. The story is excellent, and the casting, plot, acting, dialogues and all the other aspects of the movie are superb. The movie deeply touched me and became the most favourite movie I have ever seen.



3. Describe a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place

You should say:

Where you were

When it was

What the stranger was talking about

And explain how you felt about it


Sample answer:

Speaking of a time I heard someone talking on the phone, a recent experience popped into my mind immediately.


Last Sunday, I was sitting in a cafe while enjoying my cappuccino. I couldn’t help noticing a guy at the next table was making a phone call to a taxi company to see if they could reach out to a taxi driver. It turned out that he was in such a hurry that he left his wallet accidentally in a taxi which he had taken to see off his friend at the airport earlier that day and he just realized it until he was later in the café. Then he was anxiously looking at his phone all the time as if he would missed any. After around five minutes, he got a phone call and picked it up immediately. I heard that the call was from the taxi driver telling him that his wallet was still in the taxi with the driver. He was thrilled and nearly cried out, cause he had all his important IDs and cards inside it. The driver checked some information with him and he said he would meet the driver at the entrance of the shopping mall later. He seemed quite released and relaxed after getting this phone call and left the cafe later to retrieve his wallet.


Generally speaking, I think it is important to follow simple rules of cell phone etiquette in public and I usually expect people to keep quiet in public places. I have also had some annoying experiences of hearing people around me chatting for a long time, and I think people may invade others’ personal space in tranquil places. But I felt happy after having overheard this conversation, cos a genuine emergency call like this could save this person a ton of hassle. You know, the society is becoming more and more complicated and most of the calls are from cold calling companies or even spams. Although the news are always full of doom and gloom these days, this driver makes me feel he is sincere and trustworthy. I think sometimes I should trust in the goodness of human nature. After this invaluable experience, I wouldn’t mind people picking up phone calls in public places as long as they don’t disturb surrounding people.



4. Describe a crowded place you have visited

You should say:

Where it is

When you went there

With whom you went there

And explain how you felt about being there


Sample answer:

As a citizen living in a metropolitan city, I am always looking forward to having fresh air and relaxation once I get rid of hectic work schedules. In spring of this year, my friend Doreen and I paid a visit to the botanical garden in southwest of the city. We set off in the morning and reached there at noon. What surprised me a lot is that there were huge crowds of people in the garden to enjoy the flower show. We could hardly move forward as there were so many people standing around which blocked the path we walked on. They stopped to see the display of a multitude of floras, such as tulips and cherry blossoms. Parents introduced the plants to their kids while girls were posing for photographs. I have to say the garden provided us with precious opportunities to appreciate the beautiful flowers as well as a plenty of rare plants, although Doreen and I felt hot and hard to breath, we were both sweltering.



5. Describe a special day that made you happy

You should say:

When it was

Who you were with

What you did

And explain why it made you happy


Sample answer:

The special day that I am going to tell you is about one month ago when I just had my 30th birthday. It was coincidently on weekends and I didn’t have to work overtime so I could spend the meaningful time with my beloved ones. Luckily, it was a sunny day with some white clouds floating in the blue sky and the temperature was pleasant.


It was my boyfriend who accompanied with me during that day since it was also our second anniversary after we started to have a relationship. The day before my birthday, he told me that he would do something special and romantic for me so that I would have one of the most unforgettable memories in my life.


Unlike our normal dating routine, the dating site this time was placed in the countryside, a spot where we usually can see shimmering stars. Originally, I thought he maybe planned to go camping there, but before we were reaching our destination, he blindfolded me with a scarf. I was quite curious because I really didn’t know what he was going to do. Taking me by the hand, he led me to our destination until he told me to take off the scarf. Then I was ecstatic and moved for the first time in my life--what I saw was the burning candles in the shape of a heart.


The reason why it made me delighted was that actually my boyfriend was not born with honey in his mouth and sometimes I even consider him a little clumsy and passive, but this time he explicitly expressed his deep love to me. I originally believed it was no need to express love and affection for each other since there was a tacit understanding between us. But currently, I know I still enjoy it!



6. Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

You should say:

Where you bought it

How often you wear it

What it is like

And explain why you enjoy wearing it


Sample answer:

A piece of clothing that I’m keen on wearing is a coat that I bought online last year. The coat is white in colour, and it’s made of cotton fabrics, which makes it perfect for wearing in spring and fall. What’s more, it also can be worn in air-conditioned rooms in summer.


Honestly, I didn’t plan to buy clothes online at that time because I wasn’t sure if they would suit me. But the weather was getting colder and my old coat was starting to look a bit worn out, so I decided to buy a new version. After visiting many online stores, comparing a lot of customer evaluations, I finally chose a cost-effective one, and it was delivered to my house a few days later. The funny thing is that I almost wore it every day for going to work or play and even go on trips. Now, I still wear it quite often.


Well, the reason why I enjoying this coat is that it’s so practical and comfortable. It’s cotton fabrics and it helps me keep warming during a cold day. Plus, it also comes in handy for carrying things like my phone, wallet tissue, and even a notebook because of its big pockets. It even folds up small enough to fit in my bag when I don’t need it. All in all, I love my coat and cannot get through a day without them.



7. Describe a time that you gave advice to others

You should say

Who you gave advice to

What the advice was

Why you gave advice

And how you felt about the advice

Sample answer:

It happened recently when my brother asked me for advice about which university and which major he should choose in the future. This summer, my brother had just graduated from high school and was faced with the difficulty in making plans for future development, so he decided to consult me, the one who used to confront the same situation years ago.


My advice was that whatever major that he is really into will do, computer science, physics, applied mathematics and business – whatever he likes. I remember I have struggled to love what I learned for years in university but in vain and I also remember how my mom and dad pushed me so hard to study what they thought was significant in the modern society. It is extremely difficult for one to dedicate himself, much less strive for a bright future, if and when he even dislikes the field of study he chooses. This is why I stretched myself to convince him that choosing his favorite major would be a wise decision.


For my part, this advice is fairly beneficial. Staying in his favorite field, my brother can revel in even the most boring and tiresome professional terms and lessons and pour every second into the review and preview of knowledge without feeling stressed and exhausted. In the near future, he will land a decent and satisfying job, and most importantly, enjoy what he finds most interesting for all his life.



8. Describe a place where you read and write (not your home)

You should say:

Where it is

How often you go there

Who you go there with

And explain how you felt about this place


Sample answer:

I like reading and writing in a coffee shop, like Starbucks. And I often go there once or twice a week, when I have a day off. I’d like to go there alone with a book, a pen, or just the I-pad and my laptop. Nowadays, WIFI is available in almost every coffee shop, it is very convenient for me to finish my work or just read a book I like there. There are also cooling systems in the cafes, providing me an environment which is very comfortable, especially in summer. Sometimes, I will go there with my best friend. Both of us like the atmosphere there, we’d like to read the same book and share our thoughts about that book with each other. Everytime, we will have a great time together. And you know, the coffee shop is full of the aroma of coffee, I like it very much, because coffee is my favorite drink. Its smell makes me feel at ease. Nobody will disrupt me while I am reading or writing, so I can enjoy myself completely. At the same time, I can order a cup of coffee for drinking. As for me, it’s the best couple with my writing. Writing always makes me feel tired, but coffee can make me feel sober. I’m used to writing with a coffee for a long time. There are also many coffee shops which serve bakery food. I like cakes and cookies, reading and writing consumes my energy, and the cake is the best fuel for me. So if you ask me, is there anyplace for reading and writing better than a coffee shop? My answer is absolutely not.

9. Describe an experience that the vehicle you took broke down in your travel

You should say:

Where it happened

When it happened

Who you were with at that time

And what impacts this breakdown had


Sample Answer:

A couple of months ago I travelled to Mt.Huang with my classmate Zhang Yu by car. It was absolutely an unforgettable experience I’d never had before since our vehicle was out of order in the middle of nowhere.


Well, I was always looking forward to driving to a place with a bunch of friends, visiting some extraordinary scenic spots, tasting delicious local food, and experiencing the different cultures. So after a tight preparation, we started our journey on a beautiful day in March. We departed at approximately 5:00 am. It was really early but everyone was very happy and excited not only because of our destination but also because it’s a good way to run away from the hustle and the bustle of the city.  

Unfortunately, our happiness didn’t last long. We got a flat tire on the highway so we had to stop the car in the center of the road and pushed it to the side. At that time, we were trying to replace the flat tire with the spare one but we didn’t make it. To be frank, nobody was good at repairing so the only thing we could do was to call the emergency center for help, and waited for someone to come . I felt very bad and helpless because there was no Internet connection in the highway and we basically waited for 2 hours for the rescue team.


It only took the mechanic about 10 minutes to fix the car and it costed us an arm and a leg. Fortunately our journey didn’t cancel because of this incident. After that we drove to the service area of the express way and had a wonderful lunch. After renewal, we carried on our trip and finally arrived.


From then on, I always carry mobile network when I travel to a new place, just in case I get nothing to do but to wait endlessly when the car breaks down on the road.



10. Describe a job you would not like to do in the future

You should say:

What it is

How people do this job

What part of this job you think is difficult

And explain why you would not like to choose this job


Sample answer:

I guess I will never be a doctor in the future. Doctor is an ordinary profession, but its contents and duties make it extraordinary. As a doctor, you must be very professional, rigorous and have the courage to face death. And for me, the hardest part is facing death every day.


As we know, if I want to be a doctor I will first have to receive an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree which will take me roughly four to five years. After medical school I may be required to complete a one to three years paid residency. For me, in the future, it’s unrealistic to take such a considerable amount of time to become a doctor.


What’s more, being a doctor also comes with a level of stress, and can eventually weigh down on you. My friend Bob is a doctor who works in the emergency room. He regularly has to deal with losing patients, while consistently maintaining a heavy work load. I often see his WeChat Moments late at night showing that he is still working overtime. And such heavy workload makes me have no interest in this profession.


The most difficult thing is that you have to face death all the time. Becoming a doctor is also risky. Their job is to save people, so sometimes their carelessness will take a person's life. As a result, medical disputes sometimes arise. For all these reasons, it is impossible for me to be a doctor.

Part 3

1. Describe a gift that took you a lot of time to prepare

1) How do people usually choose gifts?

Sample answer:

In general, people choose gifts according to the receivers’ preference. For instance, people prepare pens for person who likes writing while person who likes certain musician may receive a concert ticket as the gift.


2) Why do some people find it hard to choose gifts?

Sample answer:

It is because it is difficult to know what people’s demands and interests. Moreover, the price of the gift should not be too high or too low, or it may cause some misunderstandings.


3) Do you think practical gifts are always better than other ones like cards and flowers?

Sample answer:

It depends. Although practical gifts are always the things on receivers’ wish list, presents like cards and flowers also show people’s best wishes to the receivers. It is also meaningful and precious to some degree.



2. Describe a movie you would like to share with your friends

1) What kind of film is popular?

Sample answer:

I believe action movies are popular because they show many physical stunts. If there is heroism, fights involve guns, swords or karate moves, horseback action or any destructive forces of nature. In these movies, it’s usually a fight between the good guys and bad guys. They are thrilling.


2) Do you think cinemas will disappear in the future?

Sample answer:

Yes, ticket prices are on the rise and after fluctuated dramatically over the years, moviegoers may not be willing to spare the extra charge. Besides, from a movie-lover perspective, it’s hard to justify that there is a lack of good movies out there. Finally, with so many at-home options to stream and watch movies, staying home on a Saturday night has never been so desirable.


3) What kind of film do young people like to watch?

Sample answer:

Action movie as I said. Besides, they like to watch romantic movies and thrillers to kill their free time. These movies are quite popular among young people.


4) Do fewer people choose to watch movies in cinema than people did in the past?

Sample answer:

Yes, going to cinema is troublesome, because there are so many people in the cinema at the same time, and watching movies there can be distracting. Besides, tickets are expensive that fewer people would rather go there.



3. Describe a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place

1) Why do you think some people talk aloud on public transport?

Sample answer:

Firstly, I think that depends on different people. Children generally are self-centered and don’t pay attention to their behaviour in public transport. Consequently, they tend to talk aloud or make noises wherever they go. As far as adults are concerned, however, it generally has something to do with people’s habits. Some people are used to talking aloud, whether in public or in private places, for years or even decades, so they do not take other people’s feelings into account. These people might not realize that their loud noises disturb other passengers or even worse, they do not care about others at all. Since they mostly do not realize this impolite habit that has been kept for so long, it is hard for them to change. Also, it depends to a certain extent what kind of public transport you’re on and how long the journey is. For example, if you’re taking a 30 minutes journey on a bus, many people might take that opportunity to make a quick call, which can be acceptable provided that it’s not too loud. However, it is unacceptable that someone on a three-hour train journey talking very loudly the whole way,so short conversations are less offensive than long conversations.


2) Should people be banned from talking aloud in public places?

Sample answer:

Personally, I believe that it depends on what kinds of public places. The essence of good manners is to make another person feel comfortable. If people are in public places where loud noises are expected and do not disturb other people, like live concerts, bars and sports events, they should be allowed to talk aloud. The reason for this is that loud noises can spice up the atmosphere on these occasions and lead people to have a great time. On the other hand, in order to show others respect, people should be prohibited from talking aloud in public places where noises might give others a hard time or invade their personal space, such as in the library or hospital. On top of that, I think it also depends on the specific situations. Sometimes, genuine emergencies do occur, and some calls truly can’t wait. For example, I think it’s acceptable for people to talk loud on their phones in public place if people are trying to reach their hearing-impaired or elderly family members, parents are expecting an important call from their child, and those in the midst of a crisis.


3) Is it bad to talk on the phone in public places?

Sample answer:

Well, I think it really depends on what types of public places and different situations. First thing first, if people are in some noisy public places like live concerts, pubs and major train stations, it should be appropriate to talk on the phone. As long as people can keep their volume modest while talking on phone in public places, I think it is fine. More often than that, when our phones ring, it is quite hard to find suitable places quickly where talking doesn’t annoy anyone else. Therefore, it is alright so long as the chatters do not disturb others. However, if the public places require utter silence, it is inappropriate to talk on the phone. For examples, it’s quite rude and inconsiderate to talk on your phone in a quiet classroom or library. What’s more, making phone calls may cause some safety issues, for instance, cell phones can interfere with the functioning of delicate instruments in airplanes and hospitals.


4) Why do some people always break rules in public places?

Sample answer:

There are a couple of reasons that can explain this phenomenon. To begin with, despite the knowledge of rules in place, some people decide to ignore the rules for their self-interests. Some people believe that they have to keep their personal freedom even in public places, and they would simply ignore warning signs or challenge the regulations as long as they aren’t caught or punished. For example, some people believe that cell phone bans intrude on their personal freedom and they can use the devices wherever and whenever they choose as they pay a high monthly price for this communication option. It’s pretty common for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes in some restaurants or bathrooms in spite of the “No Smoking” signs and anti-smoking regulations. Secondly, some people do not realize what they are doing is against the rules, therefore they fail to obey rules that they do not know. Last but not least, some people believe that most likely they are not going to get caught when breaking rules. It’s not uncommon that some people make significant mistakes by taking unnecessary risks. Therefore, warning signs or notices should be placed properly in these public places.



4. Describe a crowded place you have visited

1) Do you think that cities are overcrowded?

Sample answer:

Yes I do. The city I live is definitely overcrowded since people from all over the country flock here. They come for different purposes. Some want to study here and others determine to settle down in this city. One can usually see a large number of people walking in the streets and waiting at the stations. The rode gets very congested and there are traffic jams everywhere.


2) What are people’s feelings when they are in crowded places?

Sample answer:

I believe most people will feel stressed and irritable when they are surrounded by too many strangers. For example, people are often frustrated by daily commute and they are tired of fighting with huge crowds every time they go out.


3) How to make cities less overcrowded?

Sample answer:

Well, I think the government should figure out the approach to cope with the urban congestion.  They should develop the surrounding areas, building industries and improving educational and health systems there. Then more job opportunities will be created, and that will attract people to work and live in the vicinity of the metropolis.


5. Describe a special day that made you happy

1) Do people spend too much money on their birthday party and wedding?

Sample answer:

Yeah, I think so! It’s a Chinese tradition to celebrate birthday and wedding by holding grand banquets especially for the wealthy. These days, with the remarkable improvement of Chinese people’s living standard, increasingly more and more families tend to hold the birthday party and wedding in a luxurious way, such as holding a feast or a buffet in a Michelin-starred restaurant, hiring some famous presenters to host a party, and even inviting some superstars to give performances.

2) How much should people spend on their birthday party and wedding?

Sample answer:

Well, I believe it’s quite hard to decide how much money people should spend since different families have their different standard. Some families will just have a fancy dinner with their relatives to have a family reunion while other families may celebrate their birthday party and wedding as extravagant as possible. From my perspective, it varies according to families’ different social economic status. Nevertheless, I don’t think spending a lot of money on those things is a smart way. It is likely to fade the true meaning of the wedding, not to mention cost a lot of money.



6. Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

1) What's the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of old people?

Sample answer:

Well, compared with young people, most of the older people are often uninterested in fashion and more interested in conservative outfits. Fashion is for the young. Older people tend to wear more comfortable clothes and they already have a full closet of things they like. They prefer to hear that “you look good” rather than “that is a nice outfit”.


2) Do the people living in south China (warmer) wear different clothes from the people living in the north (colder)?

Sample answer:

Obviously yes, particularly in winter. Compared with the north of China, south China is warmer and more humid. For instance, people in the north would wear thick down jackets, overcoats, caps or even gloves in winter. Nevertheless, people in the south would simply wear sweaters and outwears. They even don’t need to buy any thick down jackets or gloves if they don’t go to any other places.


3) Do you think students like to wear uniforms?

Sample answer:

Well, I don’t think so. The vast majority of students are not into wearing school uniforms and the reasons are diverse. For some students, they regard the school uniforms are ugly especially the girls. The other students think that the school uniforms restrict them from showing their characteristics and aesthetic views. It is difficult for you to distinguish one student from others because all the girl students or boy students look the same with school uniforms and similar hair styles.

4) When do people wear formal clothes?

Sample answer:

People wear formal cloths to fit the dressing code to show their respect for the special event. For example, I wore formal clothes to the interview to show that I was serious about the matter. Thus, compared to those candidates who don't wear formal clothing, I can leave a good impression on the interviewers. Likewise, in a variety of occasions, such as dinner party, commercial meeting and wedding ceremony, formal clothes are also requisite.



7. Describe a time that you gave advice to others

1) What kinds of advice do parents give to their children?

Sample answer:

As role models and protectors, parents always give advice and instructions to their children in their daily lives as well as in their schoolwork.

For one thing, parents will ask children to act on their requirements concerning their habits, say, when to go to bed, when to get up, what kinds of food they should choose to eat and how often they should do exercise, for the sake of the health condition of their children. Also, it is common to see parents suggesting children to arrange their time by using a time table hanging on the wall.

Furthermore, parents like to interfere with children’s learning habits and academics. For example, they may ask their children to summarize the key points and collect their mistakes occurring in the homework in order to prepare for the upcoming tests. Besides, if the GPA of children suffers for any of the reasons, their parents are likely to advise them to sign up for some kinds of after-school classes.


2) How do experts give advice to others? (e.g. a doctor gives advice to his patients)

Sample answer:

In this day and age, many people prefer to go to professionals for advice once trouble and emergency happen. These professionals range from doctors, shrinks, teachers to lawyers. Experts in different fields have their own ways to give suggestions to others.

For example, when doctors give advice to their patients, they often scare them off by showing the dire consequences of certain lifestyle of diseases, because it is likely that these patients will not perceive their diseases as serious and severe and follow their directions if they are not informed of what will happen in the future. After that, they will list several key points and give out the medicines the patients need to take or activities they need to engage in in order to mitigate health problems.

Contrary to doctors, teachers will directly point out the problems of students and straightforwardly persuade the parents to take their children to classes or supervise their children at the time they do homework.


3) What advice did parents give to teenagers about making friends?

Sample answer:

Since it is hard for teenagers to distinguish right from wrong and easy for them to believe in others, it is imperative for parents to give advice regarding interpersonal relationship.

First, they will tell teenagers that not everyone is what he or she shows. There are certain group of people who intend to achieve certain goals, for example, sell goods or reap profits, trying to be considerate, patient, easygoing and trustful. However, what they really are may be totally different. They may be indifferent, money-oriented, egocentric and selfish. So, trusting others easily will drive teenagers to be cheated.

Also, parents will advise teenagers to make friends with intelligent people, because intelligent ones may have a satisfying school performance, or they may cleverly balance their work with their daily life, or they are able to deal with different people. Children can always learn from intelligent people so if they have smart frien

雅思口语 考题预测

雅思托福 【10G】全套备考资料


  • 适用人群
  • 词汇量1000
  • 词汇量1500
  • 词汇量2000以上
  • 词汇量6000以上
  • 开课时间
  • 热报中
  • 滚动开班
  • 即将开班
  • 热报中





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