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Section 1

Holiday rental

1-10 Completion:

1. Rent day beginning at September 14

2. Cost for the week: 835

3. House was originally used as a school

4. View of the river from the bedroom

5. The living room leads out to the desk for meal

6. Doesn’t have a garage

7. Bring out own towels

8. It is famous for the Chinese restaurant

9. How should she pay? Deposit: 200

10. Deadline for final payment: final day of July


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. How do you know our club information: Radio Program

2. Emails: mj@hennings.co.uk

3. Postcode: LS142JW

4. Length of membership: 2 years (minimum)

5. Joining Fee: £49

6. Which kind of member do you want? Joint

7. Bank: The Union Bank

8. 15th October

9. Reference No: JY137

10. Other requirements: extra information pack and a video


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. There are red, blue, green rooms: green room with large lounge.

2. Estimated number of people that would join in: 40

3. Seat planning: three long tables

4. Layout should have: background music, drinks, and flowers

5. Which company held this party: Smith Brothers’ Engineering company

6. Postcode of the company: S132RT

7. Contact: Collins

8. Contact number: 01142531468

9. Additional request: service still need a big cake, drinks and snack

10. Time of party: 28th June

Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. local food: cheese

2. beach football

3. 住的离market很近

4. local food: sugar

5. 绕岛游 by helicopter

6. a hostel of a village

7. theme park for children (theme park has games and a film)

8. tree climbing

9. good for fishing, no camping

10. bring your own towel


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. School name: Monterey

2. Pack can be picked at school library

3. Form: from doctors and dentists

4. No transportation is provided

5. Day care for working parents

6. Open day: details can be found in the mail

7. Meet the teacher

8. Family photo

9. First day at school: 19 August

10. Regular schedule: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Section 2

Spring Festival活动日程讲解

11-18 Completion:

11. near the lake

12. pack a picnic and a blanket

13. display of flowers

14. bus every 20 minutes

15. the exhibition of motor will be held

16. at Art Gallery

17. in Concert Hall

18. Saturday 2:30 p.m.

19-20 Multiple choice:

19. 参加活动的人有机会赢得: C. flight on the hot balloon

20. Where can we get the register form? B. local newspaper


Section 2

11-14 Multiple choice:

11. What did the message say about the shuttle bus? B. It takes longer time.

12. What does the message say about the bus? C. no suitable bus stop

13. How to go to the hotel after arrival? B. Get off at the third stop by taking subway

14. What did T tell Jane about the ticket? C. She can use the ticket for both leave and return.

15-20 Map街道和建筑物在地图上匹配:

15. Lincoln Avenue -- B

16. Hall -- C

17. Taxi pick-up point -- E(大门对面)

18. Bus stop -- I(最右边bus stop

19. Café -- D(宾馆旁边)

20. Restaurant -- Grestaurant在宾馆对面街中间)


Section 2


11-16 Multiple choice:

11. Backgrounds of volunteers? C. from a wide range of background

12. Will the man join this project? B. Too busy to participate in

13. Henry C. take care of the kids

14. The girl’s job duty is A. shopping in the supermarket

15. What does Reith enjoy doing? B. sharing opinions from other volunteers

16. Advantages of being a “virtual volunteer” C. no longer need to travel

17-20 Matching:

17. first step: email personal information

18. second step: prepare several interview questions

19. third step: meet other potential volunteers

20.final step: submit a formal application


Section 2


11-15 Multiple choice:

11. What is first-year activity? A. festival

12. Which card do volunteers use for parking? C. pink card 

13. What is the main way of latest advertisement? C. leaflet

14. Where do most volunteers come from? B. the same secondary school

15. What will not be provided during barbecue? A. cutlery

16-20 Map:

16. Sculpture -- H

17. Wood carving -- E

18. Art exhibition -- D

19. Pottery -- B

20. Oil painting  C


Section 2


11-16 Multiple choice:

11-12.Which two types of houses are easily getting on fire: CE

C. buildings in poor area E. rented house

13-14. Why the report of fire cases late: BC

B. most people were asleep at the time

C. people believe they can put out fire first by themselves

15-16. Which fire risks may people pay least attention to? AC

A. portable heater C. candle

17-20 Matching:

A. need to do regularly

B. need to be installed especially in big house

C. to be postponed

D. often to be overlooked/forgotten

17. Install an smoke alarm B

18. Discuss a fire escape panning D

19. Alarm cleaning A

20. Fire contact phone service C

Section 3


21-24 Completion:

21. Preserve memories such as photographs

22. Show off status such as computers and cell phones

23. Reflect tastes such as works of art

24. Personal identity

25-27 Multiple choices:

What kinds of interviews do they like to choose: BDG

B. Different background

D. Different interests

G. the first-year students

28-30 Multiple choice:

28. What does Sarah say about the questionnaire? A. The length of time is short

29. What does the essay should start with?

C. The reasons why you choose these interviewees

30. What should be finished by the end of April?

B. They should at least finish the interview


Section 3


21-24 Multiple choice:

21. Previous hospital put the art and music focused on A. children

22. What was the response from the staff when the arts were used as medical tool? B. Firstly the staff disliked it

23. Why not let patients themselves turn on the music? A. impractical

24. What is the woman’s attitude of the new hospital? C. Surprised it is less convenient for staff

25-30 Matching(影响以及病人的特征):

A. patients spend less time in the hospital

B. patients who are more cooperative

C. art and music have little impact on the patients

D. patients who concern more on details

E. patients whose blood pressure and heart beat rate are average

F. patients who ask for less medication

G. visual arts have more impact on the patients

25. postnatal clinic -- B

26. trauma and dissociation -- C

27. day surgery clinic -- E

28. children’s clinic -- A

29. emergency -- F

30. gynecology clinic -- G

Section 3


21-27 Completion:

21. Occupation: Cashier

22. how much a customer spent per trip in a supermarket every time:50

23. where to shop: big department store

24. difficult to buy item: jeans (as it takes a long time to try them on every time)

25. about 50%=45

26. about 15%=75

27. about 35%=20

28-30 Multiple choices:

People believe the most difficult purchase items are: CDE

C. sports wears D. shoes E. trousers


Section 3

介绍一个新型磨面机grinding mill

21-26 Matching:

21. regulator -- D

22. hammer -- F

23. plate safety shield -- B

24. flour outlet -- I

25. grain shatter -- E

26. chemical compound -- J

27-30 Multiple choice:

27. What is the problem with the traditional machine? B. a part is easily damaged

28. What is the advantage of the new incubator? A. don’t require electricity

29. Compared with the traditional one, the student aims to improve

B. the quantity of the nuts in process

30. Which power is applied? C. manpower


Section 3


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