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Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. How do you know our club information: Radio Program

2. Emails: mj@hennings.co.uk

3. Postcode: LS142JW

4. Length of membership: 2 years (minimum)

5. Joining Fee: £49

6. Which kind of member do you want? Joint

7. Bank: The Union Bank

8. 15th October

9. Reference No: JY137

10. Other requirements: extra information pack and a video


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. Name: Quigley

2. Ordered 4 return tickets

3. Departure time: 11:45 am

4. Problem: put a box of error message page

5. One adult can bring 2 kids at most allowed.

6. Free ticket for kids who are under 12 years old

7. Children have less food

8. What if the huge family and school group will do

9. Letter will be sent to the manager.

10. Reference number: GBK8422


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. Starting date: June 27th

2. Yoga class level: intermediate

3. Address: Swavesey

4. Total payment: $285

5. The last half hour is used for relaxation.

6. A various vegetarian food

7. Add-activities: walking and swimming

8. It offers horse riding.

9. Free tennis

10. All activities are outside the club.

Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. location area: the Northeast

2. avoid peak season

3. length of stay: a weekend

4. must be very quiet

5. a good beach for children

6. a restaurant nearby

7. prefer a garden instead of balcony

8. name: Ms Cheffins

9. contact number: 0129477285

10. the magazine of the countryside living


Section 1


1-10 Completion:

1. address: 62 Mileda Street

2. language skill: Chinese

3. need bring old to shopping

4. socialize with people

5. license to drive 

6. where does she live now: South of river

7. be free only on Wednesday

8. date to start: 13 June

9. put the mall on to the stairs in front of the house

10. get the information on the radio

Section 2


11-16 Multiple choice:

11. Backgrounds of volunteers? C. from a wide range of background

12. Will the man join this project? B. Too busy to participate in

13. Henry C. take care of the kids

14. The girl’s job duty is A. shopping in the supermarket

15. What does Reith enjoy doing? B. sharing opinions from other volunteers

16. Advantages of being a “virtual volunteer” C. no longer need to travel

17-20 Matching:

17. first step: email personal information

18. second step: prepare several interview questions

19. third step: meet other potential volunteers

20.final step: submit a formal application


Section 2

Spring Festival活动日程讲解

11-18 Completion:

11. near the lake

12. pack a picnic and a blanket

13. display of flowers

14. bus every 20 minutes

15. the exhibition of motor will be held

16. at Art Gallery

17. in Concert Hall

18. Saturday 2:30 p.m.

19-20 Multiple choice:

19. 参加活动的人有机会赢得: C. flight on the hot balloon

20. Where can we get the register form? B. local newspaper


Section 2


11-20 Completion:

11. Buses can alter to use natural gas

12. They can change to utilize small engines, as the fuel consumption will not be as that heavy.

13. At least 3 adults in one lane

14. Go to fill your gas tank on Tuesday, as it can save you a lot.

15. Do not need to warm up the engine before starting to drive.

16. Furthermore, one needs to clear the oil filter regularly.

17. Keep window closed.

18. Keep trunk load empty.

19. Use standard grade oil but higher ones.

20. When he drives, one should drive on the smooth road as much as he can.

Section 2


11-15 Multiple choice:

11. New activity in June in Australia zoo: A. visitors can see animals at night

12. The most popular presentation is B. koala

13. How is Kangaroo feeding? C. stand up straight (to see kangaroo well)

14. Why was the wild dog closed? A. enclosure has been repaired (it was broken)

15. 今年在哪里可以得到discount? A. gift photo shop

15-20 Map街道和建筑物在地图上匹配:

16. Arena (原文:turn left at the entrance across bridge then turn right to the end, turn left)

17. Education place (原文:the left corner above)

18. Picnic spot (原文:Back is the river, on the left)

19. Photo shop (原文:the right side, printing service)

20. Gift shop (原文:in center, beside the arena)



Section 2


11-16 Multiple choice:

11-12.Which two types of houses are easily getting on fire: CE

C. buildings in poor area E. rented house

13-14. Why the report of fire cases late: BC

B. most people were asleep at the time

C. people believe they can put out fire first by themselves

15-16. Which fire risks may people pay least attention to? AC

A. portable heater C. candle

17-20 Matching:

A. need to do regularly

B. need to be installed especially in big house

C. to be postponed

D. often to be overlooked/forgotten

17. Install an smoke alarm B

18. Discuss a fire escape panning D

19. Alarm cleaning A

20. Fire contact phone service C

Section 3

介绍一个新型磨面机grinding mill

21-26 Matching:

21. regulator -- D

22. hammer -- F

23. plate safety shield -- B

24. flour outlet -- I

25. grain shatter -- E

26. chemical compound -- J

27-30 Multiple choice:

27. What is the problem with the traditional machine? B. a part is easily damaged

28. What is the advantage of the new incubator? A. don’t require electricity

29. Compared with the traditional one, the student aims to improve

B. the quantity of the nuts in process

30. Which power is applied? C. manpower


Section 3


21-30 Completion:

21. SUVs are used in cities.

22. larger engine capacity: greater utility

23. Mothers see SUV as safe car.

24. Drivers prefer the higher seats.

25. convenient for some commercial applications

26. economic purpose: higher cost of the fuels

27. easy to roll over

28. harmful because of the weight

29. be restricted to farmers

30. raise the cost of insurance


Section 3


21-24 Completion:

21. Preserve memories such as photographs

22. Show off status such as computers and cell phones

23. Reflect tastes such as works of art

24. Personal identity

25-27 Multiple choices:

What kinds of interviews do they like to choose: BDG

B. Different background

D. Different interests

G. the first-year students

28-30 Multiple choice:

28. What does Sarah say about the questionnaire? A. The length of time is short

29. What does the essay should start with?

C. The reasons why you choose these interviewees

30. What should be finished by the end of April?

B. They should at least finish the interview


Section 3

Just coffee

21-23 Multiple choices:

What are the causes for low score on the term paper  ACE

A. late submission

C. poor planning

E. lack of accurate information

24-26 Multiple choice:

24. Just coffee invest a lot money in communication: A. technical support

25. The salary has greatly increased by: C. three times as average

26. She needs in include more: A. farming method

27-30 Completion:

27. The students were asked to write the reference document for library

28. Eight products need to be mentioned

29. Coffee producer contributed to communities, donated part of the revenue on equipment such as computers

30. There is a so-called program: knowledge sharing


Section 3


21-25 Multiple Choice:

21. What may become a problem of choosing the topic

C. Other students may present the similar topic

22. What do scientists in the experiment do

B. The rats react seriously with a large amount of salts

23. What happened to salt usage in Japan

B. The salt consumption kept reducing

24. What is the impact of salt consumption changes

C. Pressure on food manufacture

25. What is the attitude of the government

A. Not interested in the expense

26-30 Matching:

26. lead-in questions:

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