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Integrated Writing:


讨论Andesforts是不是为了防御用的(defensive purpose



1. not all sides are surrounded by walls  easy to attack

2. numerous entrance ways  举例,别的地方起防御作用的建筑只有单一的出入口,不会有很多出入口,如果出入口太多,容易被入侵

3. no well or other water storing places  表明sites里的人不能survive prolonged attacks,需要出去获得water or food



1. 没有被墙包围是因为有自然防御,比如悬崖(cliff坡度缓容易被入侵的sides是有围墙保护的;

2. 虽然entrances ways多,但是大多数都很窄,主要是为了让人们能察觉到外边的潜在危险入侵,然后及时采取措施

3. 水和食物不会构成问题,因为入侵者同样面临水和食物短缺的问题,他们不会等到水和食物没了才撤退,所以site里的人挺不过去是non sense




一艘Mary Celeste沉船,captaincrew都不在船上。



1. 遭遇海盗;

2. 船上有易燃易爆的液体泄漏引起爆炸;

3. 船舱进水,船员乘坐救生筏离开;



1. 海盗只会抢钱,而且贵重物品都还在船上;

2. 如果有泄漏味道会很大,crew很快就会发现,不可能漏了这么多才发现,再逃离;

3. 乘救生筏很危险,船长和船员都很有经验,虽然船有点进水,但是明显还能开一段时间。离他们很近的地方有一个island, 可以开到island上,没有理由弃船逃生。

Independent Writing:


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Children rely too much on technology such as computers, smartphones and video games, so it is better for children to play simpler toys or play outside with friends.


Sample answer:

Sample answer:

In this day and age, all sorts of technological gadgets penetrate every corner of children’s lives and exert subtle influence on their thoughts and behaviors. Under such occasion, some people put forward that children should start to play simpler toys or hang out with their friends instead of focusing too much on technology. In light of the benefits in health condition and cultivation of abilities, it is a good idea for children to do so.


For one thing, playing outside with friends is beneficial to children’s health condition. Sitting in front of the computer, curling up in the sofa and staring at the screen for hours, children will easily have their bone structure deformed or their eyesight harmed. In the long run, they may put on eyeglasses and suffer from pains in waist, neck and knees. By contrast, the crisp air outside will benefit them a lot by clearing their mind and purifying their circulation system; the activities such as climbing mountains, sports, and even hide and seek encourage them to do exercise and shape their bodies. It is very common to spot many primary school students having trouble seeing the blackboard just because they spend too much time on computer games, and it is very common to spot boys seldom getting ill or sick just because they allocate much time to play basketball or tennis with friends.


For another, playing simpler toys can cultivate children’s abilities. Seemingly overly simplistic and devoid of any complicated structure, some “boring” toys actually entail elaborate components or sophisticated requirements for children to manipulate. In order to thoroughly figure out how to play the toys, children have to pore into the structure and even dig deep into the knowledge or theories embodied in the toys. Such process stimulates brain activity, allows them to gain practical experience all by their own and learn to think for themselves and foster their imagination, creativity and independence. For example, the famous game Monopoly requires children to manage their money and plan for the business, thus helping them to learn how to take risks, how to organize their handy resources and how to make necessary investment.


Granted, it is not to say that simpler toys and outdoor activities are nothing but conducive. Long time focusing on a single part of a toy car or playing a card game for hours may result in boredom of children, making them loath to come out of their shell and talk to others. Besides, inevitable is the situation where children are exposed to jeopardy or danger when they go out. Without life experience, the ability to distinguish right from wrong and the power to protect themselves, they may be susceptible to guys who harbor ulterior motive or any forms of temptation. That being said, parents can set aside some time to accompany their children to play games and toys and take advantage of such time to communicate more with them. Moreover, a lot of measures can be taken to prevent children from peril. For example, strict rules can be set to confine them in a safe place where they can play sports without any risk or threat.


All in all, it is necessary and important for children to play toys or play outside with friends rather than merely abandon themselves in the virtual world.




In order to adapt to the life in university and succeed, if you are a freshman, which method do you think is better:

1. attending a one-week orientation or introduction program when you are in the university campus, and it will begin before you have the classes.

2. Meeting regularly at your first year with a student in your major field who has entered the university for several years.


Sample answer:

It is always joyful and delightful for high school graduates to get enrolled in their ideal university after fierce college entrance competition. However, it is not uncommon for these freshmen to encounter some difficulties when they really want to settle down in the school. Therefore, when it comes to the way that can better help students adapt to their university life, two choices have surfaced----attending an orientation program before classes or having regular meetings with senior students who are in the same major within the first year. Though some people may prefer the introduction program, I strongly insist on the latter choice.


First and foremost, communicating with senior students regularly enables freshmen to acclimatize themselves to campus life more easily. Actually, the major reason why students have difficulties in fitting in university life in their first year is that the school is totally unfamiliar to them. In other words, they will be confused about many things in the school, including how to use the dining card in the canteen, which path can help them get to the library within a short time and so forth. Fortunately, students who have already lived in the school for a long time are able to offer freshmen help with regard to these issues. Hence, with these problems tackled, freshmen are more likely to get integrated into their university life at the very beginning. On the other hand, the orientation program may only provide relatively official introduction about the campus life, which is neither detailed nor practical enough to freshmen.


Furthermore, freshmen’s academic performance in university can be enhanced if they have regular meetings with senior students who major in the same field with them. In fact, it is common that university courses are more complex than those in high schools and probing into a specific major deeply is stressful as well. Usually, many senior students are aware of the difficulties in their major and may have already figured out the methods that can help them better understand and digest knowledge. Thus, their experience in the aspect of the major learning can play a crucial role in helping freshmen keep pace with the study progress as beginners. On the contrary, the introduction program in the first week usually offers little information concerning students’ major knowledge because instead of aiming at specific major students, it is designed for all the freshmen in that year.


Admittedly, orientation program is not without its advantages. For instance, freshmen can develop their interpersonal relationship with their peers through attending the program together and will know what the campus is like before starting their study in school. Nonetheless, a week is far from enough for freshmen to interact with others as intimate friends and to have a deep knowledge of campus life because they are even unaware of their problems and difficulties that they may confront. Instead, regular communication with senior students within a year enables freshmen to solve their problems that gradually appear as they advance their study and life in school.


To conclude, I am convinced that meeting senior students in the same major regularly in students’ first year in university can bring more benefits to freshmen in respect of their adaptation to campus life and to major study as well.



3) 选一类

How to arouse the students’ interest in studying?

1. using technology in the classroom more often

2. asking students to have group talk more often

3. explaining to the students what they learned is related to the world outside classroom


Sample answer:

With the competition fierce and expectations from parents and teachers too high, it is observed that many students are gradually deprived of interest in schoolwork. In an attempt to arouse their interest, many people put forward three ways: applying technology, running group work and explaining the relation between knowledge and the real world. In my opinion, the most effective one would be to use technology in class.


For one thing, using technology in class enables teachers to vividly demonstrate knowledge. Unlike traditional teaching methods that mostly include force-feeding and make classes boring, the new method of teaching that requires teachers to present ideas and knowledge through computers, projectors and lab equipment will add attraction to sterile knowledge and appeal to students better.


For another, using technology allows students to consolidate knowledge better. The primary reason why some students dislike some of the subjects or even become loath to go to school is that however hard they work, a satisfying grade seems always inapproachable. This is where technological products and devices should step in. If they utilize some APP, for example, to memorize English words right in the class, or some computer interactive software to answer questions, they will absorb what teachers have imparted in the class more effectively and efficiently, thus more likely to see an improvement in their academic performance. Obviously, their interest in learning will soon be boosted.


Granted, group work and explanation on the relation between knowledge and the real world can also encourage students to fall in love with study. Competition among the groups and within the group will stimulate students and ignite their passion for study; the real cases in life and stories that entail the practical use of rigid knowledge in class will temporarily free students from boring terms and key points. However, the pressure bred by group work will not only give incentive to students but also exert a negative effect. Some more intelligent students will act as a nightmare to those mediocre ones and drive them to be fed up with schoolwork. Besides, for these students who fall short of life experience, the relations between knowledge and the real world may also seem esoteric and arcane, hard to arouse their interests.


All in all, using technology in class is the relatively more practical and useful solution to the problem.

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