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1. 托福口语话题之性格(A-Z,准备“*品格”)

I like honest people because they are easier to deal with. They open their heart to you, you feel safe to confide your problems to them, and they always offer their true opinion for your good.

The person who I admire should be good tempered. They hardly get annoyed and they smile to everybody. I is easy for them to forgive others.

2. 托福口语话题之美丽山水—地点题

XX is a full of breathtaking views. There’re verdant trees, blooming flowers and carpets of green grass. Take a casual walk, start some sweet chat and fresh air will get us refreshed. roam on the sidewalk, watch the water ripples in the lake, frolic near the artificial hill, sit on bench and enjoy the cool in summer

I can relax myself, and breath the flesh air or clear my mind.

3. 托福口语话题之放松(忘记烦恼/ 减轻压力)

xxx serves as a great stress reducer for me. No matter how stressed I am, I will feel much, much better if I stay in the park, breathing that fresh air and enjoying that beautiful scenery.

Besides, … is my way of releasing my pressure. I mean, nowadays people are under a lot of pressure from work and life. So they have to do something to relax their mind. Take me for example, I will feel very relaxed and comfortable while reading it.

When I under much pressure, I read the travelling guide. I regard it as relaxation, for it’s amusing and attractive pictures.

4. 托福口语话题之方便

It is pretty near to my home. You probably won’t believe it, but it only takes me 5 minutes to go there from my home. walking distance. bring me convenience.

It is quite near my home, and it takes me only five minutes’ walk to get to the park.

5. 托福口语话题之经济—物品题/地点题/事件题

It is free, you know, it is not so easy to find anything free.

I can not believe that it is so cheap that you can buy it with little money.

6. 托福口语话题之民俗文化(吃穿住行)--地点题/事件题

I could easily access to the traditions and custom in various places. Like eating habit, lifestyle, world value and traveling, and something like that.

I could learn the local tradition and culture and yummy food.

7. 托福口语话题之学习外语(学习文化)—物品题/地点题/事件题

My English makes a remarkable progress thanks to …, because it has many native words and expressions which cannot be learnt from the textbook. I mean, not only can I use them to improve my English but also this book really deepens my understanding of the English culture. log on foreign websites: like wikipeida.org, Newyork times; listen to English videos, music, and movies to listen and imitate local people speaking English;

It give me a stage where I can communicate with Americans, and in this way, my English will be improved rapidly .What is more, it can also help me learn their different culture.












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