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  50 substances(substance[5sQbstEns]) n. 物质, 主旨
  50 aspect [5Aspekt] n. 方向,外观
  【Certain fungi and even some kinds of bacteria secrete substances known as antibiotics
  into their external environment.】
  【We need to know what aspects of a community are most important to the community’s
  resistance to destruction, as well as its recovery.】
  50 role [rEJl] n. 角色; 作用, 任务 play a XX role 起到了一个 XX 样的作用
  【But times are changing; a new generation of foresters seems better prepared to Include
  in their management plans consideration of the vital ecological role alders, play.】
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  50 approach [E5prEJtF] n. 方法, 接近 v . 靠近; 接近
  【Approaching crafts from the point of view of function, we can divide them into simple
  categories: containers, shelters and supports.】
  55 range [reIndV]
  7 ranged
  n. 山脉, 范围, 行列
  v. 排列, 使并列,
  49 pacific [pE5sIfIk]
  adj. 和解的; 温和的
  Pacific n. 太平洋 adj. 太平洋的
  6 ranging
  【The Native American peoples of the north Pacific Coast created a highly complex
  maritime culture as they invented modes of production unique to their special
  【Those queried ranged from European college students to members of the Fore, a tribe
  that dwells in the New Guinea highlands.】
  50 quantities(quantity[5kwDntItI]) n. 量, 总数
  49 grasses(grass[^rB:s]) n. 草, 草原 v. 使吃草, 放牧
  4 grasshoppers(grasshopper[5^DB:shDpE(D)]) n. 蚱蜢; 轻型飞机
  3 grassland [5^rB:slAnd] n. 牧草地; 草原
  【Glaciers may form in permanently cold areas, and these slowly moving masses of ice
  cut out valleys, carrying with them huge quantities of eroded rock debris.】
  【In the eastern parts of the United States, the preferred grass for forage was a cultivated
  50 primarily [5praImErIlI]
  25 primary [5praImErI]
  adv. 首先; 靠前地; 起初
  n. 首选 adj. 主要的, 根本的
  【In seeking to describe the origins of theater, one must rely primarily on speculation,
  since there is little concrete evidence on which to draw.】
  49 carbon [5kB:bEn] n. 碳
  8 carbohydrates(carbohydrate[5kB:bEJ5haIdreIt]) n. 碳水化合物, 醣
  6 carbonate [5kB:bEneIt]
  n. 碳酸盐 v. 使变成碳酸盐
  50 considered(consider[kEn5sIdE])
  23 considerable [kEn5sIdErEbl] adj. 可观的,相当的
  4 considerably [kEn5sIdErEbElI] adv.相当地
  v. 考虑; 认为
  3 carboniferous adj. 含碳或煤的
  3 carbonic [kB:5bDnIk]
  adj. 碳的; 由碳得到的
  【Many of the more important air pollutants, such as sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide,
  and nitrogen oxides, are found in nature. As the Earth developed, the concentrations of
  these pollutants were altered by various chemical reactions; they became components in
  biogeochemical cycle.】
  【For example, some early societies ceased to consider certain rites essential to their
  well-being and abandoned them, nevertheless, they retained as parts of their oral
  tradition the myths that had grown up around the rites and admired them for their
  47 rise [raIz]
  n. 上升, 上涨, 增加 v. 上升; 上涨
  48 whigs n. 辉格党(是英国历史上的一个政党)
  【The Democratic and Whig Parties developed in response to the needs of competing
  economic and political constituencies.】
  【Instead of trying to keep down the body temperature deep inside the body, which
  would involve the expenditure of water and energy, desert mammals allow their
  temperatures to rise to what would normally be fever height, and temperatures as high
  as 46 degrees Celsius have been measured in Grant's gazelles.】
  48 predators(predator[5predEtE]) n. 掠夺者, 食肉动物
  4 predatory [5predEtErI] adj. 掠夺的, 捕食生物的
  47 gradually [5^rAdjJElI]
  adv. 慢慢地;渐渐地
  4 predation
  n. 动物的捕食行为
  【Then as industrialization became increasingly complicated, the craft techniques of
  preindustrial society gradually gave way to a technology based on the systematic
  application of scientific knowledge and scientific methods.】
  【 First, the major predators of deer---wolves, cougar, and lynx--have been greatly
  reduced in numbers.】
  48 particles(particle[5pB:tIkl]) n. 粒子, 极小量
  【The mineral particles found in soil range in size from microscopic clay particles to
  large boulders.】
  47 frequently [5fri:kwEntlI] adv. 频繁地, 屡次地
  11 frequent [5fri:kwEnt] adj. 时常发生的
  【Some humans hunt more frequently than gray wolves.】
  48 forces(force[fC:s]) n. 力量, 势力, 武力 v. 强迫, 推动
  47 diversity [daI5v:sItI]
  17 diverse [daI5v:s]
  n. 差异; 多样性
  40 force
  adj. 不同的; 变化多的
  16 forced
  5 diversions(diversion[daI5v:FEn])
  n. 转移
  【 Lacking the right to vote and absent from the seats of power, women were not
  considered an important force in history.】
  【But on reflection it becomes clear that the more critically useful as well as the more
  frequently employed sense of the term concerns the artfulness of the verbal creation,
  not its mode of presentation.】
  48 advanced(advance[Ed5vB:ns])
  n. 前进; 增长; v. 使向前移动; 推进, adj.
  47 democrats(democrat[5demEkrAt]) n. 民主主义者
  9 democratic [7demE5krAtIk] adj. 民主的
  3 advancement [Ed5vB:nsmEnt] n. 前进; 促进; 进展
  【Some 800 years ago, Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier advanced toward the sea, retreated,
  and advanced again 500 years later.】
  【In contrast to the Democrats, the Whigs favored government aid for education. 】
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  46 style [staIl] n. 风格, 作风
  v. 称呼; 设计
  47 squares(square[skweE]) n.广场;方形物
  5 stylized(stylize) v. 使风格化
  3 stylistic adj. 格式上的
  【 Steam was accumulated in a large, double-acting vertical cylinder, but the steam
  reached only a few pounds of pressure per square inch.】
  【The glass objects of this style were elegant in outline, although often deliberately
  distorted, with pale or iridescent surfaces.】
  45 shape [FeIp]
  n. 外形, 形态 v. 使成形; 塑造
  46 significant [sI^5nIfIkEnt] adj. 重要的
  37 shapes
  17 significance [sI^5nIfIkEns] n. 重要性; 意义
  【Florida gars are sometimes confused with a similarly shaped but unrelated needlefish,
  which are marine but commonly enter freshwater.】
  15 significantly [sI^5nIfIkEntlI] adv. 意味深长地; 值得注目地
  【The design of an object is considered more significant than its function.】
  45 relationship [rI5leIFEnFIp] n. 关系, 关联
  16 relationships
  46 projects(project[5prDdVekt])
  31 projection [prE5dVekFEn]
  n. 计划 v. 计划, 投掷, 突出
  n. 发射, 突出部分, 计划
  【Scientists have discovered that for the last 160,000 years, at least, there has been a
  consistent relationship between the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and the average
  temperature of the planet.】
  11 projector [prE5dVektE] n. 放映机
  【The development of projection technology made it possible to project images on a
  large screen.】
  45 lack [lAk]
  12 lacked
  n. 欠缺; 不足 v. 缺乏, 不足
  46 preserved(preserve[prI5z:v]) v. 保存, 保藏
  17 preservation [7prezE(:)5veIFEn]
  n. 保存, 保护
  6 lacks
  【 Ichthyosaurs had a higher chance of being preserved than did terrestrial creatures
  【The biggest initial surprise was the almost total lack of detail, especially from far
  because, as marine animals, they tended to live in environments less subject to erosion.
  45 galaxies(galaxy[5^AlEksI]) n. 星系;银河
  【Astronomers have measured the abundance of helium throughout our galaxy and in
  other galaxies as well.】
  46 grain [^reIn]
  n. 小颗粒;谷物
  v. 使成粒状
  【In agriculture, the transformation was marked by the emergence of the grain elevators,
  the cotton presses, the warehouses, and the commodity exchanges that seemed to so
  many of the nation's farmers the visible sign of a vast conspiracy against them.】
  45 draw [drC:] n. 平局;吸引人的事物 v. 取, 画
  【This theory is suggested by evidence of chips in the painted figures, perhaps made by
  spears thrown at the drawings.】
  45 whale [weIl]
  n. 鲸
  【Beluga whale mothers, for example, nurse their calves for some twenty months, until
  they are about to give birth again and their young are able to find their own food.】
  45 discovered(discover[dIs5kQvE]) v. 发现; 找到
  【The best-known specimens are the remarkable tracks discovered at Lactoli, Tanzania,
  by Mary Leaky.】
  45 thus [TQs] adv. 如此, 因此
  【Inevitably, the practical functions that shelters arc designed to fulfill play a strong role
  in determining their appearance and thus, in part, their artistic character.】
  45 decades(decade[5dekeId]) n. 十年
  【Biological diversity has become widely recognized as a critical conservation issue
  only in the past two decades.】
  43 replaced(replace[rI(:)5pleIs]) v. 取代
  44 labor [5leIbE]
  n. 劳工; 劳动
  15 replace
  3 laborious [lE5bC:rIEs]
  adj. 费力的, 吃力的
  n. 劳动者
  【To maintain the cave system, the elements of fire under ice must remain in equilibrium
  3 laborer [5leIbErE]
  enough snow must fill the crater each year to replace that melted from below.】
  【The region around Hopewell had everything needed for iron production: a wealth of
  iron ore near the surface, limestone for removing impurities from the iron, hardwood
  forests to supply the charcoal used for fuel, rushing water to power the bellows that
  pumped blasts of air into the furnace fires, and workers to supply the labor. 】
  43 held(hold[hEJld]) v. 认为;握着
  36 hold
  【 And virtually all policy makers, whether they subscribed to the tenets of the
  philosophy held by Jefferson or not, recognized agriculture as the key component of the
  American economy.】
  44 function [5fQNkFEn] n. 功能 v.活动 ; 运行
  20 functional [5fQNkFEnl]
  4 functionalism n.功能主义
  adj. 功能的;实用的
  43 dioxide [daI5DksaId] n. 二氧化物
  【Each advance in microscopic technique has provided scientists with new perspectives
  on the function of living organisms and the nature of matter itself.】
  【We assume that volcanoes spewed out the same gasses then as they do today: mostly
  water vapor (about g0 percent), carbon dioxide (about ten percent), and up to a few 10
  percent nitrogen.】
  44 craters(crater[5kreItE]) n. 火山口
  【 Close observation of craters, combined with the way the Moon diffusely reflects
  sunlight, led to the understanding that the Moon is covered by a surface layer, or
  regolith, that overlies the solid rock of the Moon.】
  43 cetaceans(cetacean[sI5teIFjEn]) n.
  【Very exciting discoveries have finally allowed scientists to reconstruct the most likely
  origins of cetaceans.】
  43 sculpture [5skQlptFE]
  n. 雕刻, 雕刻品 v. 雕刻
  42 organic [C:5^AnIk] adj. 器官的, 组织的
  8 organs(organ[5C:^En]) n. 器官
  5 sculptural [`skQlptFErEl] adj. 雕刻的; 雕刻般的
  6 sculptures
  3 organically [C:5^AnIklI] adv. 有机耕作地
  【Petroleum, consisting of crude oil and natural gas, seems to originate from organic
  matter in marine sediment.】
  【 Sculptures must, for example, be stable, which requires an understanding of the
  properties of mass, weight distribution, and stress.】
  43 rural [5rJEr(E)l]
  adj. 乡下的, 乡村风味的
  42 remove [rI5mu:v]
  v . 去掉;移动
  【Local studies indicate that nearly three - quarters of the population - in the North and
  South, in the emerging cities of the Northeast, and in the restless rural counties of the
  West - changed their residence each decade.】
  6 removing
  4 removal [rI5mu:vEl] n. 移动; 搬迁
  【In artificial incubation programs, aviculturists remove eggs from the nests of parrots
  and incubate them under laboratory conditions.】
  【A folk culture is small, isolated, cohesive, conservative, nearly self-sufficient group
  that is homogeneous in custom and race, with a strong family or clan structure and
  42 entire [In5taIE] adj. 全体的, 全部的
  highly developed rituals.】
  【This new design concept, coupled with the sharp postwar reactions to the styles and
  conventions of the preceding decades, created an entirely new public taste which caused
  Art Nouveau types of glass to fall out of favor.】
  42 depended(depend[dI5pend]) v.依靠;相信
  11 dependent [dI5pendEnt] n. 依赖他人者
  3 interdependence n. 互相依赖
  adj. 依赖的, 从属的
  41 feet [fi:t] n. 脚, 英尺
  【 Depending on how the tool is used, characteristic chippage patterns and
  microscopically distinguishable polishes develop near the edges.】
  【Today, well over a century later, there is still little direct evidence of what lies beneath
  our feet.】
  42 currents(current[5kQrEnt]) n. 气流;倾向;电流
  adj. 当前的; 流行的
  41 drilling(drill[drIl]) n. 钻, 钻头
  v. 钻;钻孔
  【Still, their fossilization required a suite of factors: a slow rate of decay of soft tissues,
  little scavenging by other animals, a lack if swift currents and waves to jumble and
  carry away small bones, and fairly rapid burial.】
  【Thus drilling into the ice was tantamount to drilling back through time. 】
  41 act [Akt] n. 法案 v. 扮演; 举动像
  【A survey is a study, generally in the form of an interview or a questionnaire, that
  provides information concerning how people think and act.】
  42 adapted(adapt[E5dApt]) v. 使适应; 改写
  21 adaptations(adaptation[7AdAp5teIFEn])
  3 adaptive [E5dAptIv] adj. 适合的; 适应的
  n. 适应; 改写本; 改编
  40 wire [5waIE] n. 电线
  3 adaptability [EdAptE5bIlItI] n. 顺应性; 适合性
  【Photoflash is now generated electronically, but the earliest form, first used in 1864,
  was a paper bag containing magnesium wire and some oxygen-rich substance, such as
  potassium chlorate.】
  【 Keen observers and quick learners, they are astute about the intentions of other
  creatures, including researchers, and adapt at avoiding them.】
  41 steam [sti:m]
  n. 蒸气
  40 remains(remain[rI5meIn]) v. 剩下;保持不变
  7 steamboats(steamboat[5sti:mbEJt])
  n. 汽船, 轮船
  【 After 1785, the production of children's books in the Untied States increased but
  remained largely reprints of British books, often those published by John Newbery, the
  first publisher to produce books aimed primarily at diverting a child audience.】
  【 In the steam-engine analogy, verbal aggression may vent some of the aggressive
  steam. 】
  41 folk [fEJk]
  n. 人们 adj. 民间的, 民众的
  40 related(relate[rI5leIt]) v.将(两事物)联系起来
  11 relation [rI5leIFEn] n. 关系
  【The TVA is a unique institution in that it brings all the water-related functions of the
  federal government under a single body.】
  39 paleolithic [7pAlIEJ5lIWIk] adj. 旧石器时代的
  【Cave art seems to have reached a peak toward the end of the Upper Paleolithic period,
  when the herds of game were decreasing.】
  40 impulses(impulse[5ImpQls]) n. 冲动, 刺激, 脉冲
  【 Other links may involve changes in brain temperature and the release of
  neurotransmitters (substances that transmit nerve impulses.)】
  39 interest [5IntrIst] n. 利息, 嗜好 v. 使感兴趣
  【The Democratic Party primarily represented the interests of the market, banks, and
  commerce. 】
  40 illustrate [5IlEstreIt]
  v. 举例说明, 阐明
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  39 demonstrate [5demEnstreIt]
  6 illustrations(illustration[7IlEs5treIFEn]) n. 例证, 插图
  v. 论证, *
  【Three of the answer choices below are used in the passage to illustrate constructive
  processes and two are used to illustrate destructive processes.】
  【This universality in the recognition of emotions was demonstrated by using rather
  simple methods.】
  40 huge [hju:dV] adj. 巨大的
  39 artisans(artisan[B:tI5zAn; (?@) B:rtIzn]) n. 工匠; 技工
  【 Unlike modern industrial potters, prehistoric artisans created each of their pieces
  individually, using the simplest technology but demonstrating remarkable skill in
  making and adorning their vessels.】
  【For example, as the great ice sheets that covered NorthAmerica during the last ice age
  steadily melted away, huge volumes of water flowed from them.】
  40 emphasize
  v. 强调
  12 emphasis [5emfEsIs] n. 对...的强调, 加强
  【Instrumental leadership is leadership that emphasizes the completion of tasks by a
  social group.】
  39 affected(affect[E5fekt]) v. 影响
  【As a consequence, historian David Donald has written, "Social atomization affected
  every segment of society," and it seemed to many people that "all the recognized values
  of orderly civilization were gradually being eroded."】
  39 survive [sE5vaIv]
  v . 活下来, 幸存
  30 survival [sE5vaIvEl] n. 留住生命, 生存
  38 skeletons(skeleton[5skelItEn]) n. 骨骼, 梗概 adj. 骨骼的; 概略的
  【 The tiny, delicate skeletons are usually scattered by scavengers or destroyed by
  weathering before they can be fossilized.】
  【In spite of problems with their condition, restoration, and preservation many panel
  paintings have survived, and today many of them are housed in museum collections.】
  39 settlers(settler[5setlE]) n. 移民者
  38 plains(plain[pleIn]) n. 平原, 草原 adj. 简单的
  11 settle [5setl] v. 决定, 安放
  【The other species, the Columbian white-tailed deer, in earlier times was common in
  the open prairie country, it is now restricted to the low, marshy islands and flood plains
  along the lower Columbia River.】
  24 settlement [5setlmEnt] n. 解决; 殖民
  【It made it increasingly possible for settlers to obtain land in the West.】
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