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  31. 随着更多的人成为大型消费者,有更多的垃圾正在被制造出来。

  More rubbish is being produced as more people becoming big consumers.

  32. 在整个世纪,较大的水量是用于农业目的。

  Throughout the century, the largest quantity of water was used for agricultural purposes.

  33. 在巴西,大量的水用于农业,这种情况在每人的水消费量的数字中得以反馈。

  A huge amount of water is used in agriculture in Brazil, and this is reflected in the figures for water consumption per person.

  34. 体育工资并不是由考虑一个人给社会做出多少贡献或他(她)负有的责任大小程度来决 定的。

  Sport salaries are not determined by considering the contribution to society a person makes, or the level of responsibility he or she holds.

  35. 对小宝贝来说,电脑技能所带来的明显好处不能被否认。

  The obvious benefits of computer skills for young children cannot be denied.

  36. 可以回收的纸张其数量有技术限制,有些纸产品不能被收集重新利用。

  There are technical limitations to the amount of paper which can be recycled and some paper products cannot be collected for re-use.

  37. 在未来电脑将被用来创造更大、甚至更复杂的电脑。

  In the future computers will be used to create bigger and even more sophisticated computers.

  38. 在这两万人中,将近两千人正受着雇主的剥削和虐待。

  Of these 20,000, just under 2,000 are being exploited and abused by their employers.

  39. 我被房东告知,较好给家具和其他个人财产上*险。

  I was told by the landlord that it would be a good idea to get some insurance for the furniture and other personal possessions.

  40. 许多北极地带的旅游业已经被外来的公司开发。

  Many of the Arctic tourist destinations have been exploited by outside companies.

  41. 癌症并非由香烟烟雾中的一个单一成分引发。

  Cancer is not caused by a single element in cigarette smoke.

  42. 随着书写的发明,取得了巨大的进步,因此此时知识不仅可以口头交流,而且能够储存。 With the invention of writing, a great advance was made, for knowledge could then be not only communicated but also stored.

  43. 有两种主要的方法已经被用来训练大象,我们分别称其为强硬法、温和法。

  Two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may call respectively the tough and the gentle.

  44. 我相信早上学对大多数宝贝来说是有好处的。

  I believe that attending school from a young age is good for most children.

  45. 得出结论说变化不可避免并不等同于假定“变化总是朝着好的方向”。

  Reaching the conclusion that change is inevitable is not the same as assuming that “change is always for the better.”

  46. 植物会适应某一特定的栖息地。

  Plant species become adapted to living in a certain kind of habitat.

  47. 和其他宝贝在一起,分享非虚拟的体验,这是一个宝贝中发展中重要的一部分。 Spending time with other children and sharing non-virtual experiences is an important part of a child`s development.

  48. 为人们创造健康意味着给医疗医治或防止疾病。

  Creating health for people means providing medical care to treat or prevent disease and illness.

  49. 伤害他人是造成自尊心不强的主要原因。

  Committing harmful acts against others is a major cause of low self-esteem.

  50. 没有人能够避免受到广告的影响。

  No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements.

  51. 等到老了再说“我会对这个或那个发生兴趣”就没用了。

  It`s no use starting late in life to say:” I will take an interest in this or that.”

  52. 起初,我无法在生物和地理之间做出决定。

  To start with, I couldn`t decide between biology and geography.

  53. 如果对汽车使用频率越来越高这一趋势视而不见,清理汽车的努力可能对减少污染无济 于事。

  The effort to clean up cars may do little to cut pollution if nothing is done about the tendency to drive them more.

  54. 我反对那项机场扩建和增加航班数量的计划。

  I oppose the plan to expand the airport and to increase the number of flights.

  55. 这部词典功能之一就是让使用它的学生能够给人留下受过良好教育的印象。

  One function of the dictionary was to enable its student to convey an impression of fine learning.

  56. 政府可以做到的一件事情就是要求个人、家庭和企业对他们的垃圾进行分类。

  One thing that governments can do is to require individuals, households, and businesses to separate their waste into different categories.

  57. 有些文化缺乏处理大型数字的能力实际上并不奇怪。

  The lack of ability of some cultures to deal with large numbers is not really surprising.

  58. 说实话,我的家庭成员很少在一起做事,因为我们的计划各不相同。

  To tell you the truth, my family doesn`t do a lot of things together because our schedules are so different.

  59. 较简单、较划算的举措是设立禁止吸烟的工作场地、学校以及工作场所。

  The simplest and most cost-effective action is to establish smoke-free work places, schools and public places.

  60. 现在很多小孩都在隔离中成长,受到父母的促使,把其他宝贝视为竞争对手而不是朋友。 Many children today are growing up in isolation, encouraged by their parents to view other children as competitors rather than as friends.













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