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  01. That sex ratio will be favored which maximizes the number of descendants an individual will have and hence the number of gene copies transmitted. 那种性别比例能在较大程度上增加一个个体所能拥有的后代数量,并因此能在较大程度上增加所传递到后代身上去的基因复制品的数量。

  02. (This is) A desire to throw over reality a light that never was might give away abruptly to the desire on the part of what we might consider a novelist-scientist to record exactly and concretely the structure and texture of a flower . (这是一种)照亮现实的欲望,此欲望从来就不会唐突的取代后面的那种欲望,后者是我们可以将其部分的理解为一个兼任小说加和科学家的人想要去准确并具体的记录下一朵花的结构和文理的那种意义上的欲望。

  03. Hardy's weakness derived from his apparent inability to control the comings and goings of these divergent impulses and from his unwillingness to cultivate and sustain the energetic and risky ones. 哈代的缺陷一方面缘起于他的某种明显的无能,无法控制好那结不尽相同的创作冲动的穿梭往来;另一方面缘起于他不愿意去培养和维持那些富于生机活力和风险性强的创作冲动。


  04. Virginia Woolf's provocative statement about her intentions in writing Mrs. Dalloway has regularly been ignored by the critics,since it highlights an aspect of her literary interests very different from the traditional picture of the "poetic" novelist concerned with examining states of reverie and vision and with following the intricate pathways of individual consciousness. 弗吉尼亚.伍尔夫(Virginia Woolf)在创作《黛洛维夫人》(Mrs. Dalloway)时有关其创作意图的这番发人深思的陈述,迄今为止一贯为文学评论家们所忽略,因为它突出反映了她诸多文学兴趣中某一方面,而这一方面则与人们对"诗性"小说家(poetic novelist)所形成的传统见解大相径庭。所谓的"诗性"小说家,所关注的是审视想入非非和白日梦幻的诸般状态,并致力于追寻个体意识的通幽曲径。

  05. As she put it in The Common Reader , "It is safe to say that not a single law has been framed or one stone set upon another because of anything Chaucer said or wrote ;and yet , as we read him , we are absorbing morality at every pore ." 就像她在《致普通读者》一书中所表达的那样,"尽管可以毫无疑问的说,没有任何法律被指定出来,也没有任何高楼大厦被建立起来是因为乔叟说了什么或者写了什么;然而,当我们读它的书的时候,我们身上每一个毛孔都充满了道德"

  06. With the conclusion of a burst activity , the lactic acid level is high in the body fluids , leaving the large animal vulnerable to attack until the acid is reconverted , via oxidative metabolism , by the liver into glucose , which is then sent (in part )back to the muscles for glycogen resynthesis . 随着爆发出来的运动的结束,再体液中乳酸含量会变得很高,使得大型动物处于容易受到攻击的状态,直到乳酸通过有氧新陈代谢,被肝脏转化成(convert into)葡萄糖,而葡萄糖接下来又会(部分)传送回肌肉中重新合成糖原 。

  07. Although Gutman admits that forced separation by sale was frequent,he shows that the slaves' preference,revealed most clearly on plantations where sale was infrequent,was very much for stable monogamy. 虽然古特曼承认,由于奴隶*而造成的被迫离散甚为频繁,但他还是*,奴隶的偏爱--在那些奴隶*并不频繁的种植园上被较为显著地揭示出来--在很大程度上侧重于稳定的一夫一妻制(monogamy)。

  08. Gutman argues convincingly that the stability of the Black family encouraged the transmission of-and so was crucial in sustaining-the Black heritage of folklore,music,and religious expression from one generation to another,a heritage that slaves were continually fashioning out of their African and American experiences. 古特曼人令人信服地论辨道,黑人家庭的稳定有助于包括民间传说、音乐、及宗教表达在内的黑人文化遗产一代一代传递下去,因而在维持文化遗产方面也起着至关重要的作用,而对于这种文化遗产,黑奴们不断地从其非洲和美洲的经历中予以丰富发展。

  09. This preference for exogamy,Gutman suggests,may have derived from West African rules governing marriage,which,though they differed from one tribal group to another,all involved some kind of prohibition against unions with close kin. 古特曼表示,这种对于外部通婚的偏爱很有可能缘起于西部非洲制约着婚姻的规定,尽管这些规定在一个和另一个部落群体之间不尽相同,但都涉及到某种对近亲联姻(union with close kin)的禁止。

  10. His thesis works relatively well when applied to discrimination against Blacks in the United States,but his definition of racial prejudice as "racially-based negative prejudgments against a group generally accepted as a race in any given region of ethnic competition," can be interpreted as also including hostility toward such ethnic groups as the Chinese in California and the Jews in medieval Europe. 该社会学家的命题当被应用于针对美国黑人的歧视时,相对而言尚能适用,但他对种族偏见所下的定义--即"以种族为基础的、针对某个群体的消级的先入之见,而该群体在任何特定的种族竞争地区则被普遍认作一种族"--可被理解成同样也襄括了针对加利福尼亚州的我国人以及中世纪的犹太人这样一些种族群体的敌视态度。













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