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  I am writing to complain about a serious defect found in the computer I bought from you. 我写信来投诉我从你们那里所*电脑的一个问题。

  I am writing to notify you of a claim for damaged goods against your company. 我写信是对责公司的损坏产品提出索赔。

  I am writing to request you to take corrective actions concerning… 我写信请求你采取弥补……的措施。

  A very serious problem has arisen in connection with a language course you provided and operated. 你们给并负责的语言课程已经出现个严重的题。

  I am writing to request a full refund of the course fee I have paid. 我写信请求得到我所支付课程费用的全额退款。

  Over the last few weeks I have become increasingly concerned about my nei^ihour^ erratic habit, burning rubbish in his garden. 在过去的几周里,我越发关注我邻居的古怪行为——他在花园里烧垃圾。

  I sincerely regret having to write this letter and have been delaying it in the hope that things would improve. 写这样的一封信,我由衷地感到抱歉。我一直拖延写此信,本是寄希望于情况可以有所改观。

  I am writing to request a refund of the 300 dollars I paid for the CD player. 我写信请求获得我买CD机支付的300无的退款。

  I am writing to ask you to replace the CD player I bought from your shop with another in good working order. 我写信来要求退换在你店*的CD机。

  The devastating efifect could be multiplied if this problem cannot be solved immediately. 如果这个问题不能够立即得到解决,那么它将产生更坏的影响。

  I would be grateful if you could manage to help me out of the problem. 如果您可以帮助我处理这个问题,我将不胜感激。

  Unless you take prompt action to correct the car’s defects or refund the purchase price in full, I will be forced to take legal action. 除非你们立即采取行动修理汽车的毛病,或者按*价全额退款,否则我将被迫采取法律行动。

  It is too bad &is unfortunate accident occurred. Otherwise, I was very pleased with your service.这种不幸的发生实在令人遗憾。你们的服务本来还是很令我满意的。

  I am glad to see what you can do to rectify this situation. 关于您将如何扭转这个局面,我拭目以待。

  I would be grateful if you would ensure that the same thing does not happen again. 如果您能这样的事情不再发生,我将不胜感激。

  If you could find time to let us know, it would set our minds at rest. 如果您能在百忙中抽出时间通知我们,我们将感到非常欣慰。

  I am reluctant to take the matter up elsewhere and hope that you will be able to let me have some explanation of the incident. 我不愿意就此事再寻找其他解决途径,而希望您可以就整个事件给我一个解释。

  A time for further discussion on this issue can be arranged either by telephoning me at 13456789 or writing to me via the address … 可以通过给我打电话(13456789)或者写信(地址是……)来安排进一步商讨这个问题的时间。

  Your agreement to the suggested course of action will be appreciated. 若您认同所提议的做法,我们将表示感激。

  I would like to discuss this matter with you further. Please contact me at 021047564. I look forward to resolving this matter with you. 我希望进一步和您讨论这—问题。请电话与我联系(021047564)。我期待与您共同解决这个问题。

  I believe this matter can be resolved quickly and look forward to your early reply. 我相信这个问题可以很快得到解决。期望您尽早答复。

  I am sorry to write to you in this manner and I hope that you will not be offended. 我很抱歉用这种方式给您写信,希望不会给您带来任何不快。

  If this matter is not put right soon, I fear it could have serious consequences. 如果这个问题不能很快得到妥善处理,我担心会有严重的后果。

  I await your reply and trust that it will contain an explanation that some mistakes have been made by your company. 我等待您的答复。我相信您的答复会包含一个关于贵公司所犯错误的解释。

  I would like to stress that I will npt tolerate a situation like this. 我想强调的一点是,我不会再容忍类似情形的发生。

  I trust that you will be able to correct these matters without delay and that no further action will be necessary on my part. 我相信您可以毫不拖延地处理此事,而且不需要我采取任何进一步的行动。

  I understand that my rights are covered by laws and I am looking to your company for a return of the price paid within 14 days. 我知道我的权益受到法律*护。我等待着贵公司在14日内全额退款。

  I would be glad of a reply without further delay, or I may have to consider legal action. 我很乐意接到您的及时答复;否则,我或许不待不考虑采取法律行动。

  I am wondering if it would be possible for us to meet and discuss the situation. 我想知道我们是否可以见面并商讨现在的情形。

  If I do not hear fixjm you within the next seven days, I will have no option but to go to the city council to have my complaint heard. 如果在未来的七天之内不能收到你的答复,我将别无他选,而只能去市委会投诉。

  I am sure you will understand that this problem is causing me considerable inconvenience and expense, and I am anxious to have it settled as soon as possible. 我肯定您会理解这个问题正在给我造成的极大不便和损失。我急切地想要尽快解决这个问题。

  I think that 300 dollars would be a reasonable sum of compensation and I look forward to receiving your cheque. 我相信300元是比较合理的味楼顧度。我期待着收到您的支票。

  If it happens again I will commence legal action without further notice. 如果此类事情再次发生的话,我会采取法律行动,而不另行通知。

  I am writing to enquire whether I may become a member of your club. 我写信咨询是否可以加入你们的俱乐部。

  I would be grateful if you could let me know your annual fee charges and any other information which would be useful. 如果您能告知有关年费或其他任何有用的信息,我将非常感激。

  Please contact me on 021 567894 if you would like to talk about it further. 如果您愿意就此事进一步商讨,请联系我(021567894)。

  Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you will accept this offer. 请尽快告知您是否可以接受这个条件。

  Although at this time of year you will have more work to deal with than usual, I would appreciate a reply in a not too distant future. 虽然一年当中这个时候您要处理更多的工作,我仍期待着在不久的将来能得到您的答复。

  I would like to make an appointment to speak with you about my wallet I lost on the flight AUS 123. 我想预约个时间和您说一下我在AUS 123航班上所丢失的钱包

  I would like to arrange an appointment fpr next Friday (15 October) at four fifteen. 我想预约时间会面——下个星期五(十月十五日)的四点十五分。

  I do hope you will be able to send me a favourable reply and I look forward to hearing from you in due course. 我真诚希望您可以给我一个理想的答复,期待着能及时得到您的回答。

  I would be most grateful if you would intervene in this matter. 如果您能够处理此事,我会非常感激。

  I just wanted to write you a quick note to apologise for not being able to keep our appointment tomorrow. 我想通过这封短信为我明天无法赴约而道歉。

  In deference to your valuable time, I would like to get straight to the point and admit that I was wrong. 鉴于您宝贵的时间,我愿意直接承认这是我的过错。

  Please accept my sincere apology for missing the interview scheduled for… 关于错过了原定于……的面试,请接受我诚恳的道歉。

  Please accept my apology for the delay and thank you for your understanding. 请接受我关于日期推迟的道歉,感谢你的理解。

  I will do everything in my power to ensure that this type of error does not occur again. 我将会尽我所能此类错误不再出现。

  Although I make every attempt to insure that...., this unfortunate incident ean occasionally occur. 虽然我会尽力……,但是这种不幸的事情偶尔还是会发生。

  If I can be of any assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to call on me. 如果有任何我可以协助的地方,请直接联系我。

  I am available at Flat 304, Green Revenue, St. Eden if you require any further information. 如果您需要更多信息,可以到St. Eden, Green Revenue的304公寓找我。

  I am happy to supply any fiather information you may require and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. 我很乐意为您给任何需要的信息,期待着很快收到您的回复。

  I just wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciate the help you have given me. 给您写这封信是想告诉您我是多么欣赏您给我给的帮助。

  I appreciate the support you have provided and your assistance has been invaluable to me. 感谢你所给的支持。你的协助对我来说是无价的。

  Perhaps you could give us a call or write to us to let us know what time you expect to arrive. 或者您可以打电话或写信通知我们您大概什么时候到达。













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