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1. Getting along with your co-workers is just as important as doing your job1.与同事相处和完成工作一样重要

  1. Getting along with your co-workers is just as important as doing your job1.与同事相处和完成工作一样重要
  When you arrived on your first day, you may remember being both excited and nervous. Who would your new co-workers be? What would they be like? For 40-plus hours a week with your new "family," making a good impression and forming relationships made work easier and more fun。当你天上班的时候,你可能记得当时是既兴奋又紧张的。谁会是你的新同事呢?他们会是怎么样的呢?每周将与你的新“家庭”相处超过40小时,给他们留下好印象并且搞好关系将会使你的工作更轻松有趣。
  This remains true throughout your career, no matter how many times you change companies or jobs. You still have a "work family" that you spend much of your time with, and it's still important to keep that family strong. When you're close with your co-workers and have established a trusting relationship, everybody works harder and more efficiently。这个道理你的整个职业生涯中都是适用的,无论你换几家公司或工作。你一直都有一个要相处很长时间的“工作家庭”,使这个“家庭”保持坚不可摧是十分重要的。当你与同事们亲密且建立了信任关系时,每个人都会工作得更认真且更有效率。
  2. Paychecks are for both fun and for saving2.薪水既要用来玩乐又要用来储蓄
  There's no thrill quite like receiving your first paycheck. It's a step into adulthood as well as a step toward the finer things in life. Suddenly, a nicer wardrobe and a new ride were deemed just as important as paying your bills, and saving money may have been a struggle.  没有什么比收到笔薪水更激动的事了,这代表了你向成年人跨进了一步,也意味着你向人生中更美好的事物跨出了一步。突然之间,一身更漂亮的行头以及一辆新车变得对你来说与付账同样重要,因此,存钱可能成为你的奋斗目标。
  Getting smarter with money doesn't come naturally with age -- it's a discipline that takes practice and effort. Bills and practical purchases should take priority, and so does saving for the future. However, remember the excitement of your first paycheck and the validation it gave you for taking the job, and celebrate your hard work with occasional fun purchases。学会更聪明地处理钱并不是自然地随年龄而变化的——这是需要实践与努力所培养的习惯。账单、实际的购买以及为未来储蓄三者间需要判断优先。但是,记住你次收到酬劳的兴奋感以及这对你的工作带来的有效性,用偶尔的娱乐花费来庆祝你的辛勤工作。
  3. Listen to and learn from your peers3.听从同事的意见,从他们身上学到东西
  When you started your first job, you had to adjust to your new co-workers, and you also had to rely on them to show you the ropes, answer your questions and support your efforts。当你开始份工作的时候,必须学会怎么样与同事相处。同时你要努力尝试让他们给你指点一些窍门,解决你的问题,给你提供一些帮助。
  Maybe you're no longer the "newbie," but you should listen to and learn from your peers just as much today as you did on your first day. Everybody you work with was hired for a reason, and everybody is an expert in some area. Not only can you take advantage of these areas of expertise when you have questions, but you should also return the favor and be just as helpful to them as they were to you. Make an effort to keep close working relationships with your co-workers, and create a strong, capable team that's ready to help the next new guy。或许你不再是这儿的新人,但你仍然应该像初来的时候一样学会接受同伴的意见,向他们学习。跟你一起工作的每一个人都有自己能够被雇佣的过人之处,他们都在某个领域有过人之处。你不仅应该在他们精通的领域向他们取经,同时也应该在他们需要帮助的时候即使提供自己所长。努力和你的同事建立起良好的关系,以及一支团结、强大的队伍,以帮助任何一个新加入的成员。
  4. Always be prepared for meetings4.永远为会议做好准备
  The first several meetings you were invited to probably felt more exciting and special than the ones you attend now, though that's not a good enough reason to show up unprepared. It's easy to fall into the habit of "winging it" at meetings, arriving without ideas to contribute or reviewing any materials. Not only is this disrespectful to the person who called the meeting, but it slows down the productivity of the meeting as well。你人生中头几次被邀请参加会议的心情可能比你现在接受邀请激动很多,但这并不能成为我们没有准备就出席会议的理由。出席会议之前什么想法和资料都不事先准备是很容易养成的习惯。这种习惯不但是对会议召集者的不尊重,更会拖慢整个会议的进展,影响最后的讨论成果。
  When you first began working, you likely felt an urge to prove your worth, so you went over the materials, came prepared with thoughts or ideas and contributed to the meeting in any way you could. Such a helpful attitude only makes you look better as time goes on. Don't fall for the misconception that experience means you don't have to try as hard。当你刚开始工作的时候,你非常想证明自己。所以在会前,你会认真地阅读材料,积极准备自己的想法,期待给会议带来不一样的思想。这样的想法只有坚持下去,才会让你取得真正的成功。不要以为有一天你已经足够优秀,不需要再努力了。
  5. Your job isn't a sure thing5.你的工作并不是理所当然的事
  The first week on your new job was filled with hesitant moves: "Am I allowed to do this?" "Is this OK?" "Will I get fired for this?" As you settled in, you realized how silly some of those thoughts were, and it was unlikely you'd get fired for that extra five minutes you took for lunch。你工作的天总是充满了不确定性的问题。“我可以做这个吗?”“这样做可以吗?”“我这样做会被炒吗?”当你逐渐适应了工作环境之后,就会明白当初的自己是多么愚蠢,根本不可能因为多花了5分钟在午餐时间上而被开除。
  Fast forward to now, and you're confident that you have earned enough freedom to do what you like, as long as your projects are finished. That mindset may lead to trouble, though. No matter how long you've worked somewhere, your job isn't 100 percent secure. You're working for others, and you need to meet their expectations first。时间推进到今天,你已经成为了职场老手,只要项目一结束,自己就能有自由做任何自己想做的事情。然后,这种想法很有可能带来一些麻烦。不管你在一个地方工作了多长时间,你的工作都不可能达到百分之百的安全。因为你是在为他人工作,所以得先达到别人的期望。